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Basic Healing

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Basic Healing

Basic Healing
Post # 1
Merry meet everyone I want to discuss today about healing..all views are accepted..and I am also going to share my views on how one can use things and environment to increase the aid in Healing and it's strength..
Healing is very vast subject yet it's never can be fully learned according to me as new things, new ways always comes with time..But indeed one can get success on greater lever in healing if one is truly dedicated..Healing is the subject that personally gives me happiness plus it covers all othet subjects of herbs, crystals,auras,chakras,basics etc..To me healing is not just the technique or magic to heal someone just because you want to heal or just do such stuff is not healing for me..For me,healing means connection,to connect with the thing or person maybe animal I am healing..Connection binds and links me with them and I try to understand the cause of sickness and ways to heal them spiritually,mentally and Yet physically also..Healing to me means positivity and Happiness in life Blessing of Health on anyone,Balance in life,comfort of health and gaining active life..Main goal of healing as I found in my less but not last research is to not only heal the sickness,but to destroy the root cause of sickness,Healing is reviving the weak Life force in us causing our physical,spiritual or mental self's sufferings causing imbalance in body and life..Healing is to give comfort and balance in life..Healing is to make our all self (physical,spiritual,mental) at easy state..by removing disease from our life..Now It's not important disease is physical or mental it can be spiritual also..Disease is sickness..Disease means (no confort due to any sickness) that's why its Disease.You can say it ( DIS-EASE )..so with healing we have to understand the mode of or you can say type and root of this dis-ease to make body at ease and back to balance..To me this is the meaning of Healing.. I am no expert neither experienced in this work but I am learning everyday from every possibly way I can.. Yet my biggest thanks to "WHITERAVEN" For such a great ideas which really (and I mean it for any healer) worth spending time to think on..I am still trying to search more deeper on this Subject and it's sure it gonna take life time in further research Tho..I thought before that Healing is to just cure negative energy causing sickness by any way yet it's very partial truth it's indeed true that every sickness is due to disturbed energies of our chakras and we cannot heal everything same way without understandings because Healing is not of one type.. Yes Healing don't always use same ways..Healing must be modified with the different type of Problems..Like as Raven Told me and yet it's indeed very clear point For using as an example:- If a person is mentally Depress Then rather on doing any healing,a few time spent with the person on sharing his emotions and motivating him like hug or showing that we are with the person,love,care gratitude etc.. can do way faster and much more magic and miracle in healing than any spell or something would do it also increase the rate of healing..So as I noticed this and I went to flesh backs cause it happened to me also and yet to usually everyone sometime in their life ... So when I was a kid and I got hurt,Rather than a medicine,I used to seek care,love and attention and then my mothers hug and care easily used to remove pains much faster than a medicine..so this is the healing,natural healing,healing in the way we need most at that time and that Healing does miracles .. ofcourse not so hard wounds but all I want to say is sometime A person as well as animals need something more else than a medicine or any healing techniques..They need some little things to open the ways for natural Healing in self..Because as I said sickness and pain is dis-ease..and when something ease you,your body and mind,you feel the touch of true natural healing..That is why any small things can hold greater energies and strength to heal anything much faster than medicine or anything..but again it's not the case every time but usually this common understanding of healing helps a lot..For Example:Spending time and Listening to natural Sounds of nature (birds chirping,winds blowing,rain falling ,river flowing etc..) can do much faster miracles in healing to make you calm,stress free,anger and tension free,relaxed,naturally healed, health and much more..All you have to do is just spend time with natural..It's a small how small thing right? But holds Great Healing strength and power..where as for calming,relaxing,release of stress and tension,hard problem like anger etc.. you have to do meditations,some do yogas,listen music,medicines and so many other stuff yet no guaranty that these things will work unless you do it properly... So I think easy way is maximum natural way and starting steps in healing other people..Anyway for now from this all lecture all I want to say was:
*Understand Healing

*Heal with understanding and need,not with the technique only..

*Heal the Dis-ease first and then the root cause of sickness.Don't just focus on Healing without knowing the root cause and removing it..

*Use small and natural things for healing first..

*Understand the type of sickness and Dis-ease..

*Healing is not the way to heal only,It's the way to revive healthy Life force in us..


Second Part:

-Now When you have taken work with basic things to do in healing like recognising Dis-ease and sickness,natural ways to heal etc.. It's time you extend the healing to the next level of killing it's root cause..Here you will benefit by already knowing the type/nature of Dis-ease/sickness ..Here again I am sharing the experience of Raven in healing the Dis-ease and sickness of Common Fever..so as you know Fever is mechanism of body to raise temperature of body temporarily to stop the growth of foreign bacteria that enter in our body and to kill them..as our body temperature is ideal for the growth of virus or bacteria..Now Fever may take time to leave ofcourse but first to understand is the nature and type of Dis-ease which is "Fever" means "Increase in temperature" directly tells increase in "Fire" element energy inside body.. So while healing You may want to keep away all the things that have fire element nature (Herbs,crystals, candles,sunlight etc..) and you may want to use things of cold nature.. That include water element so you may like to use things cooler in nature like shadow,water, ice (herbs and crystals with cool nature of water element).. Next is using suitable herb, now you may use herb as you want,either use it in food or place it on affected place or "possible to keep" place like on forehead in fever or any way you prefer to use then to aid in healing.But remember, it is very important to know if the person you are healing is allergic to anything you are going to use for healing or not..Be it herb or anything.. Cause it may worsen the health instead of healing..Now comes the step of your healing way..here do whatever art you know to heal be it Reiki,crystal healing or anything.. Now under this session of healing it's indeed a good idea if you just focus on healing and no other work..and if you do all right you will amazingly see better results very fast..Important is to not break the healing session and focus on healing in every possible way you can.. Once Dis-ease is over and balance of body is returned,Health will itself come back with recovery with no more sickness..It's important you cleanse yourself after the healing session as it is adviced because certain negative energies of sickness might be attached to you and your tools.. And before starting healing You must be mentally and physically prepared to take actions on wise healing..
So maximum of this work is guidance of Raven and no doubt she gave very Good advice yet Inspiring way of healing for Beginner or possibly advanced healers also..The Point is,During your healing session,don't miss certain small things of great importance that can help and aid in healing much better way.. So In this part what I said, again in short:

*Knowing Sickness and using useful aid and correspondence in your healing according to Dis-ease /Sickness ..

*Well prepared before healing and focused on person on Healing session..

*Safety care while using things..

*After Healing session Cleanse yourself and your tools..etc.


Third part:

-Things To Aid In Healing..
(Including self or other people together)

*Peaceful Quite time with yourself and Understanding with knowledge..

*Spending time in nature..

*Voice of nature

*Drinking Water

*Emotional understand and sharing

*Taking bath(herbal or any)


*Herbs:-Basil Sandal wood Thyme Onion garlic Honey clove ginger Eucalyptus myrrh pine mint melon Fruits and much more herbs depending on the type of Dis-ease/sickness..

*Elements..Depending upon the Sickness example fever(fire) use water,Common cold(water) use earth,water and fire,Asthma(air) use Earth and air..etc..

*Crystals:-Different crystals/stones for different purpose Clear quartz is all rounder..

*Symbols:-Any symbols you know for healing..

*Angels or Entities/spirits/God:Related to healing like Arch angel Raphael,earth entities spirits etc..

*Moon phases: new moon full moon or anyone you feel suitable..
and much more things..

Thankyou Very much for reading this..please let me know if I may need to know anything new about healing,any new ideas or advices etc.. Blessed Be :)
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Re: Basic Healing
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2

Excellent Starwalker!!! You're well on your way to be a great healer. XD

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Re: Basic Healing
Post # 3
Thankyou very much Raven It's all your Guidance :-)
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Re: Basic Healing
Post # 4
Very informative. I have doubts I will ever be a healer. I just do not have the apptitude no matter my wish to help.
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Re: Basic Healing
By: / Novice
Post # 5
For some, what you are describing comes naturaly. Excitement and a desire to learn are good traitr if you are going to school to get a degree in holistic medicine and charge for your services.
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Re: Basic Healing
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 6
The post was long and interesting, up to a point.But anyone with a serious illness who depended on your type of healing would die! No question.
Yes, your type of healing would help with a Common Cold, perhaps a headache.But anything really serious needs a lot more than some herbs and crystals!
Not so many years ago people with a heart attack died; People with tuberculosis died. Even measles killed children.And many, many more types of illness would not benefit from your type of "healing", apart from the patient "feeling" a little better.
Anyone showing the slightest sign of, perhaps, Meningitis, should seek professional medical help; if such a person depended on your type of healing they would be dead within hours!
I have had three heart attacks and a stroke.Last October I was very much on the point of dying; in a deep coma for three weeks.But I was cared for in hospital by highly trained doctors and nurses. This had nothing to do with chakras, herbs, crystals, or the laying on of hands!
With your type of "healing" I would have been dead years ago! What you are advocating is extremely dangerous to anyone with a serious illness. You don't seem to distinguish between a very minor illness and a serious disease!
Would I ever depend on your type of healing? No thanks! I would call a real doctor!
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Re: Basic Healing
Post # 7
Yes Brysing that's obvious anyone will use higher Healing most preferably Medical help..but then I guess this explain why its called Basic Healing :) and anyone will get medical treatment for sure for serious problem..But Healing possibly would help if you have time though it's basic but Healing is helpful in curing cancer because it's serious problem but you have time so it's possible..Then I guess problem is not of serious disease but problem is of time..cause Their is nothing I have heard that is not cured by healing Diabetes,cancer,Asthma,Migraine..etc all are possible to heal because all have time to be healed..But again their possibly can be disease that are not so curable etc but still maximum are curable..And yes conditions are you know how to heal and you are expert in healing..But in serious as "No Time" problems like heart attack,I am sure no one have time for either to do a healing and to sit for a healing.. But I am grateful you caught up that point..and I agree One Must Take Medical Treatment in serious cases..and yet again Medical Treatment also should be continued while healing..It's important..Blessed Be..
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Re: Basic Healing
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 8
This thread has been moved to Other Spells Discussion from Misc Topics.
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Re: Basic Healing
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 9
This thread has been moved to Misc Topics from Other Spells Discussion.
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Re: Basic Healing
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 10

Brysing, of course. But a 17 year old is not a doctor and he will not be for at least 10 years even if he wanted to be! Also, in India where Star is from, the health care is not like it is in the UK and USA. In some parts, cars aren't even very common. It's a very different world. Most don't even own a car and travel by foot or bicycle.

We are not the medicine men, shamans, and wise women (witch) healers of older times and do not have the vast knowledge they did. They were the doctors. But now, the spiritual leaders are no longer the "doctors" too. So we do our part while they do theirs. In some parts of the world however, the spiritual healers still are the doctors. And the healers are still those wise common folks that know herbal remedies.

Of course, everyone should try to get the best medical care they can. But medical care is far from caring! They are mostly cold and do not care for much more than their paycheck. The good ones care, but they are few and far between! Do you know that a man here in Chicago was left on the street to die in front of a hospital? That happened many times to people because they could not pay! But one made news and then everyone took notice and showed outrage. The hippocratic oath means nothing. Now it is law that the hospitals take them regardless, but 10 years ago, no! Laws forced them to "care". And that is in America. Imagine how it can be in other countries that have more poverty.

What StarWalker is discussing is what the lay person can do to help faciliate the healing process of loved ones in conjunction with whatever "professional" medicine can be accessed. We love our friends and family and we show the real care. And I think he has done a wonderful job covering the "basics".

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