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Setting some rules

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Setting some rules
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Setting some rules
Post # 1
Hi I am new to this site, and I got a question.
Is there any way that I can set up some rules to the spirits who are trying to drain me and my wife's energies, to communicate?
Let me explain the situation.
In this past few days strange events have happened around here. One night my wife woke up and saw that part of the town where I live was out of electricity, nothing was posted on the local news or newspapers or even mentioned on the web.
She woke me up to realize that we where out of electricity, and just before I fell back to sleep, I started to hear someone talking to me on my ear, but I was soooo tired that I just fell back to sleep.
The next morning, all the electronics in my house acted very strange, for example, my game console didn't want to turn on, and after it turned on the remote was not synchronizing with the console.
My wife had a miserable day, having a parking ticket by 10 minutes of overtime in the parking spot (all of this because she could not find a parking spot on where she normally parks the car without any problem).
Everything went back to normal, until the next morning (today) that, after I slept for almost 9 hours I felt completely drained, like if I had stayed up all night, the strange about this is that my wife felt the same way, in fact she had to stop and get a red bull to stay awake on her way to work.
So all I want is to find a way to put some ground rules, for when they want to contact us to do it in a way that both of us don't get drained, or so that at least one of us is warned and prepared for the communication.
Sorry I am really new to this and still don't know a lot. If someone could help I would be mostly thankful.
Joao Tavares
Blessed Be! =)
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Re: Setting some rules
Post # 2
Could there be a non spiritual explination, like a short in your wiring from a rodent or a nail through a line, which could lead to house fire. Perhaps you both suffer sleep apnea and thus exaustion even with sleep. If spiritual, drive spirits from bedroom with sage stick burning and bath the whole room in its blessed smoke. Then seal bedroom windows, vents and doors with salt and limejuice mix by rubbing solution all the way around these entry points. If it still happens, I am at a loss.
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Re: Setting some rules
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
This thread has been moved to Misc Topics from Welcome.
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Re: Setting some rules
Post # 4
If you don't know how to talk to spirits and you want to contact them now, try using something like a pendulum or Ouija board. You could also try some auto writing. These are not as effective as direct contact but require little training. However I recommend you just do a clenseing and some protection spells due to the destructive behavior of these spirits. You heard a voice as you were falling asleep, you go through the state you need to be in order to communicate w/ spirits but you are also most vulnerable when falling asleep so it could be attacking you. Although unlikely, someone could've sent the spirits twords you in order to harm you(which means someone cursed you) and in that case I recommend you get rid of them.
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