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Bats over the Ocean(Omen)

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Bats over the Ocean(Omen)
Post # 1
Hello everyone! Merry belated Ostara! I need some help figuring out the meaning of a particular omen I received the other day. I've been practicing witchcraft and occultism for over 12 years now so I have a good grasp on intuiting the meaning of omens received from nature but I feel as though it would be useful to consult others as to the correct decipherment of the animal omen that came to me yesterday.

I spent the day with my long-time friend. Before we headed to the beach, we relaxed in some familiar woods behind where we attended secondary school as a child. She brought her Druid Oracle cards so we did some cartomancy readings. I have professional experience with this form of divination but these cards offer more advice as opposed to future happenings and how to make the best possible outcome happen. Lately, my finances haven't been stellar and I'm focusing on manifesting a lucrative job that I'm good at as well as forwarding my writing career. For goal/best to acheive, I drew the "Hare" card, then for my role/attitude, the "Cow" card. The outcome was the "Fire Dragon." (Just providing this as preface.) My reading basically told me to lighten up and enjoy life in order to create abundance, basically following up on the law of attraction.

So onto the beach. We went there and I started meditating/drawing forth the energies of Manannan Mac Lir, my Patron God. I've felt a bit distant from Divinity lately and I know that it is a hinderance to my manifestive abilities and overall diminishment of my life quality. Since my friend and I are bird nerds, we started observing a darting seagull when I spotted a couple of tiny "birds" flying, creatures that I quickly recognized as bats. They were flying over the water and seemingly into the sunset until we saw them fly into a rock that was peaking out from the sea in the distance. Perhaps they lived there?

I know that Manannan Mac Lir is obviously associated with sea birds and such but I realize that those bats were definitely a sign from him. They were coupled, flying together and then disappeared into what I assume was the refuge of their home, or at least a stopping point. I've climbed on that rock during low tide when it was accessible but I don't see how it could be hospitable to bats, seeing as it is sometimes almost completely immersed in water.

I sense that it was a positive omen. From what I've researched - and I have connected with the energies of the bat before - the bat symbolizes intuition, the devotion to the spiritual realm and psychic enhancement. The other relevant findings I unearthed are as followed in accordance with Chinese culture:

"I've seen greeting cards from China with two bats. The sender of the card is wishing wellness, health and wealth to the recipient."


"Two bats 'shuang1 fu2' means double luck. A design of two bats with a scepter ru2 yi4 means 'double happiness as wished'."

That's very direct, I know, but any insights would be much appreciated!
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