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After effects

Forums ► Astral Projection ► After effects
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After effects
Post # 1
Hi, I was wondering if it's just me or if anyone else experiences this. After astral projection, and lucid dreaming, are you not able to turn over in bed for a while? (sorry, I usually do both while sleeping) anyways, it sometimes happens to me like I can't move, but I'm asking because this morning when I woke up, what happened was I was seeing two images at once, one of me sleeping, another was what the half awake me was seeing with my physical eyes. In addition I felt like my room was spinning around. The difference between today and the other times was that I usually call to my guides during meditation, but last night I called to them while lucid dreaming, however, I was waking up as soon as I did so, at which point I was seeing both images and the room was spinning around. If it helps, in the dream, I was a hare being chased by really grotesque birds (I have a phobia of birds). But as soon as I was lucid they went away. Then I called my guides, you get the idea.
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Re: After effects
Post # 2
Could have been sleep paralysis, could have been caught in-between states, could have been a bit of both. I have done the in-between states, I don't find it concerning. Likely didn't help much, but I figured you need one answer.
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Re: After effects
Post # 3
Hi Oakgrove :)
Just wanted to let you know that this happened to me when I first started ap and had almost an exact question (when responding to another post). I was wondering at that time if these effects were something that I had to get used to.
Just wanted to let you know that you are not alone with these after effects
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Re: After effects
Post # 4
There shouldn't be any after affects however it is very dangerous to astral while you are asleep because you subconscious is prominent and it pretty much leaves your body defenseless against invaders, whether it be spirits, demons, etc. Most people believe that sleep paralysis is due to spirits attempting to get in or attach themselves to you so it makes sense that this would be happening to you. I suggest that you do a cleansing on yourself and the space where you sleep to help you rid it of any negativity! Also do astral in your sleep, its not good!!!!!! Blessed Be!
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Re: After effects
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
Perfectly normal. Projection involves specific brain waves. Don't quote me on this but I believe it is Theta. While meditation just produces Alpha waves. Trying to move when you are so "deep in" will result in a bit of disorientation. This is why it's important to take it easy afterwards, get up slowly. It can also take a little while to move well due to the natural chemicals in your brain that make you stop moving. If these chemicals didn't exist, you would sleep walk which could be dangerous. So be thankful they are working!

This is also why many eat and drink after ritual or journeying. It's a way to "ground" or rather get back in touch with our physical body because we can feel rather disconnected from it. By eating and really tasting and enjoying the food, we are focusing on physical senses that are pleasant and stimulating. It isn't all about having a "snack" although sometimes it's easy to work up quite an appetite after a working!
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Re: After effects
By: / Novice
Post # 6
WhiteRav3n is correct about the Theta waves though those typically occur early in the sleep cycle. What you were experiencing was your conscious mind coming fully awake during REM sleep, which is the time when your muscles paralyzed while your body rests itself. You will not be able to move until your sub-conscious gives control back to your now awake consciousness.

As to seeing double, this is another common occurance, since your sub-conscious is looking through your astral projection and your physical body has just opened its eyes as well. Since your brain uses the ocular lobe to inteprit images that we see with our eyes normally, our hardwiring will cause us to do the same while lucid or astral... meaning that if your physical eyes open, your brain will be receiving two inputs of visual information at the same time, causing the double image. This is not dangerous but can cause levels of nausea that could last the day.

The one thing I suggest before going astral is make sure to strengthen your silver cord before you leave your body. This will make it easier to get back as well as give you greater control and transition between astral and physical. People tend to forget this, especially the first few times they actually go astral... the excitement clouds their judgement. As to lucid, simply tell your body to wake up before you mentally wake up. It's actually harder than it sounds since most people who go lucid tend to drift in and out, but very important so as to avoid violent wakings so to speak. Hope this helps and good luck.

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