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Enochian magick ?

Forums ► Other Paths ► Enochian magick ?
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Enochian magick ?
Post # 1
Hello! I've been looking into enochian magick, at first out of curiosity, but then I became intrigued by it. I've read a couple of books about it, but I wanted to know to opinion of other people over it as well, not just of those who wrote the books.
From what I understood so far, enochian magick is very powerful and only a part of it has been understood so far.
However, I have one big question, and that is "why?". From what I read on this site, in general, magick is the manifestation and control of our own energy, so why would, for example, enochian magick be more powerful than a normal spell that you do using your own words (which -please correct me if I'm wrong- makes a spell stronger).
I am tempted to start practicing it at one point, however before all that, I need to go deeper into meditating (I've been meditating daily for the past 4 years, but I still feel I don't reach the perfect state of relaxation) and into the magick basics themselves.
I came about magick from a very ignorant purpose, knowing if there is indeed an afterlife (seeing how I'm having trouble believing in a higher power nowadays), but then I understood that magick is a lot more than that, it's more about our own peace than what happens after we die.
I tried calling my guardian angel, by meditation, I envisioned my aura (golden, as I read here is the best in this case) and I asked it to touch my aura. Nothing happened, so I thought maybe it was too soon, so I just asked for his/her name, but nothing happened again.
The thing is, some nights (like last night) I feel a presence in the house, and I fear it sometimes. Last night I was afraid, I tried asking for Archangel Michael's help, nothing happened. I went to sleep after meditating and removing as much of my fear as I could.
While I might be misunderstood, I just want to be able to find my faith and my inner peace. That's how I came about enochian magick.
Apart from the big question, "why?", I have a couple more, such as:
How do you know if the being that is showing itself to you is a demon or an angel? I've read about asking it to shake your hand, but I guess a powerful spirit or a demon would be able to do just that.
How do you protect yourself against the summoned beings? I've read about circles of protection, however none that I found seemed to work for me (I tried doing them, but I could not feel the energy)
What are, basically, the dangers of enochian magick? (They are rarely described in books, as those who wrote the books like this type of magick, they don't detail too much what happens if something goes south)
I feel like I am rushing things, because not even small spells seem to be working for me, so if anyone can please, give me any advice, on how to cultivate my energy better, how to go into a deeper state of meditation (I tried bineural beats, focusing on my breathing, relaxing my body part by part until I cannot feel it anymore, envisioning a warm light relaxing me, and more, none of which brought me deeper than the point of not feeling my body and having almost-minimal thoughts)
I am sorry for such a long post!
Thank you in advance for your time!
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Re: Enochian magick ?
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
You have a lot you're really asking with this I will try to answer as much of it as I can. If your having trouble getting to your hga I would suggest working with the Kabbalah that's what that's about, it also helps you connect an infinite god to a finite universe. This is considered a good basis to have before you start working with enochian or goetic magiks. I personally have many thought forms that I have given enough energy to protect me and keep things at bay, when you contact you're HGA they are also a form of protector, and may guide you on which spirits are friendly and which arent. This is a powerful form becUse its direct contact with heavenly (or light beings as I consider them) that have never been physical and are exteamly close to source. Now the dangers in it, I would guess its something similar to (and bare with me) plugging a babies brain into a supercomputer, with all that information flowing through there it might damage your psyche. Imagine touching consiousnesses with a being that much much more perfect (closer to source) than us, if you weren't ready to handle it it would blow your mind. Try studying high magik before you continue going further with this or to supplement it. It's much more fleshed out than enochian magik and will help you come to terms with god, if you can.
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Re: Enochian magick ?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
This thread has been moved to Other Paths from Site Spells Discussion.
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Re: Enochian magick ?
Post # 4

First, Thank you for you post. This is a long post so i will try to answer all your questions to the best of my knowledge. If i miss something out or i am not clear on something,please message me. :)

SO, as to your first "why?" The reason Enochian Magick is more "powerful" than the normal stuff is the same reason Solomon Magick (The seals of Solomon) is more powerful than regular sigils. This reason is because it connects to higher powers. Enochian connects to the powers of heaven and the Seals of Solomon do the same. Which would make them more "powerful/ potent" than normal spells, rituals, and sigils which normal just connect to ones own energy source.

As for the GuardianAngel there is a certain Meditation/ Ritual that i know that helps if all the other techniquesfail. If you message me I can assist you with it. Now as for the Presence you might feel, it could be anything really. Whither it is a spirit, demon, or something else; it is unclear right now.

Your Faith and inner peace will be found within yourself, yes your angels will be able to help, in the end it will be you that makes all the steps.

As for your direct questions:

How do you know if the being that is showing itself to you is a demon or an angel?

Although demons can occasionally disguisethemselvesas angels. They have a different energy feel or energy vibration.

How do you protect yourself against the summoned beings?

well the circle should work, remember that there is more than one way to cast a circle. Maybe you just have not found a way that is good for you. Also, is you use salt or rope to represent the circle, that might help.

What are, basically, the dangers of Enochian magick?

There are many dangers to Enochian Magick. You could summon the wrong entity, as the guy above said there could be an energy overflow, ect. The truth is yes there are dangers, as with everything, but there are also safe guards and great experiences.

As for the energy, spells, and meditation. It is all practice, practice, practice.

Again if you have any questions just message me :)

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Re: Enochian magick ?
Post # 5
I've been hearing that Enochian magick is fake and doesn't work. Apparently John Dee and Edward Kelley, the creators, were frauds, and I've heard that the language isn't elaborate enough to be a real language. That's just what I've read though, but I would love to learn it and see for myself
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Re: Enochian magick ?
By: / Beginner
Post # 6
I would like to say to Maya that john dee was the court mystic for Elizabeth the First, you really don't get more legit than that. As for the entire work of enochian, it was incompleted its not that they didn't think up enough stuff its that for whatever reason they didn't finish their work. This is another thing that makes this a difficult magik to use. Though magicians of the Golden Dawn and Thelma have made strides to structure it more its still a changing art and each must find their own way of dealing with these thing
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Re: Enochian magick ?
Post # 7
Yes but his predictions supposedly rarely ever worked. He was only a court mystic because he predicted that she would become queen while she was in the Tower of London, which was what any person would want to hear if they were trapped in a place like that, and she was of royal blood, so basically it was an inference ... A very educated guess
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Re: Enochian magick ?
Post # 8
Enochian magic....wow...this one is tough
It's origins are a bit obscure, while it is certain what we now know comes from John Dee and Edward Kelley, it is said (and the British Museum agrees with me) that there are some manuscripts he recieved somewher in eastern europe sometime before his contact with the the angel Ave.

Now, this contact, using Kelley as a scryer, was encoded, since "speaking the true words invoke powers far too great", so they had to decipher the code using the angel's instruction.

Now, the modern uses of enochian magic, were the development of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, in which uses the Four Tablets of the Elements or Watchtowers (this later became, in a simplified version, part of Wicca by Gerald Gardner, using Crowley's material)

The Enochian magic consist in:

Sigillium Dei Aemeth, or Holy Seal

Tabula Sancta, with seven names and different enochian texts by Dee and Kelley

Liber Scientia Auxili et Victoria Terrestris, which contains the names of the 30 Aethyrs or Airs

Heptarchia Mystica, The names, sigils and invocations of the Angels and Lesser Spirits of the Planets

Round Tablet of Nalvage, a tablet of 6x6 with several names and attributions

Liber Loagaeth, about a hundred enigmatic folios, with the 4 Watchtowers in which the names of God, Archangles, and various spirits are inscribed

The Four Elemental Tablets (see above)

Clavis Angelicae, The 48 enochian calls

This system of magic, in my experience, it's quite powerful. Even just vibrating the names generates some sort of weird vibe. I wouldn't say it's "luminic"....it kinda tends a bit more to the "dark" side of magic....however it's indeed powerful and quite useful

I've only done a few experiments with enochian magic with careful supervision by my intructors...and a few friends on higher grades than me haha

what I can tell you in my experience, is enochian magic does make something happen..the vision (in form of lucid dreams) are intense and highly allegorical (you can try reading a few in "The Vision and the Voice" by Aleister Crowley)...and also, enochian entities don't seem to like humans very much....they are reluctant to share knowledge or even less helo another human being

now, a word of warning

Don't attempt enochian magic if you are a beginner, or if you've only done "soft" stuff like pseudo wiccan spellcraft. Enochian can make you lose it (if you don't believe me, just read about the life of Aleister Crowley)
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Re: Enochian magick ?
Post # 9
Thank you very much, everyone, for the time you took to share your knowledge with me!
I understand now why this form of magick is very powerful, and, most likely, I won't be able to try it for another couple of years of practice (better safe than sorry!)
Thank you again!
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Re: Enochian magick ?
Post # 10
I should recomend you "Enochian Magick in Theory" and "Enochian Magick in Practise" by Dean Wilson

Those are a couple of great book on enochian magic and it will help you understand (hopefully!!!) a bit about enochian magic

Good luck!
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