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protection spell

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protection spell
Post # 1
My ex boyfriend is wrongly accusing me of breaking something of his when I didn´t do anything. He has been Stalking me and threatening me for weeks, telling me if I go to the Police no one will listen to me as he still has love letters of mine that I wrote to him when I thougt we were together and he can use These letters as evidence that I was Stalking him. He has threatened to talk to my parents, friends and relatives to ´complain about me´ He has made allegations about me and spread bad rumours about me to the whole neighbourhood and they are now also against me, even though I was always nice to them. I Need a protection spell because I am really scared and I want nothing to do with him. Please help

Re: protection spell
Post # 2
Love letters as proof your stalking him? Did you state anything about watching him? Still go to the police.

Re: protection spell
Post # 3
going to the police is newer the answer because they cant do anything now a protection spell isn't really the bast way to go aighter because while they work well against spirits and hexes but not against stuff on the material plane so this dude sounds like a good old fashion psychopath or sociopath aighter way most might consider that this is horrible advice but it usualy works for me now first of if his parents dont know whats going on than go to them and tell them your side of story than if that dosent work or he told them first wich i doubt becaus whee men are usualy to praud to do that and im gesing that you cant intimadate him with force than its time for good old fashion blackmail with no writen evadance, prowidet that tallking it aot dosent work

Re: protection spell
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4

Protection spells are useful in cases like this, but they should be used in conjunction with mundane actions to protect yourself as well.

Start by telling your parents about his threats and come clean about your relationship with them as well. That way if he does go to your parents (Which I doubt he would do.) they will already have the true story from you.

Go to the police yourself or have your parents go with you to file a complaint about his threats. Save all correspondence from him, especially correspondence that includes threats. Keep a log of every time he calls you on the phone. This evidence can be presented to the police in order to take out a restraining order/no-contact order on him. Once the order is issued continue to keep the same records. If he continues to harass you in violation of the court order they can arrest him.

Whether he still has love letters from you or not means nothing. The worst stalkers are often those who are now ex-husbands or ex-boyfriends. That you cared for him before does not stand as an excuse for threats and stalking.

Truly, if this is happening you need to take action now. Don't assume that he isn't serious. Maybe he is only doing this to manipulate you into doing what he wants. That in itself is a form of mental abuse. But sometimes (And I hate to scare you more with this.) they will go from stalking and threats to more dangerous actions. You need to take action to make sure you are safe.

Re: protection spell
Post # 5
Thank you so much guys, ist just that he´s always threatened me verbally when we were alone in the flat(he is my flatmate) and I have no physical proof that he did. Also, the letters were from more than a month ago because I thought we were still going out!

Re: protection spell
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 6

As long as you're still living with him the authorities are not apt to believe that you feel threatened. And protection spells aren't going to do much if the two of you still live together. You need to find a new place to live and get away from him. This sounds like just the sort of behavior that will eventually lead from emotional abuse to possible physical abuse. Sever all you ties with him and find yourself new living arrangements.

Re: protection spell
Post # 7
I agree with everything Lark said.

First step is to get out of there. You need to find somewhere else to live. You need to be honest to your parents about what is happening.

If he gets physical towards you or makes threats, then you need to file with the police.

Me and two of my friends had a stalker. We filed repeatedly with the police but they couldnt do anything because he wasnt do anything criminal at the time (he would leave us gifts on our cars, or come into our work places). but its good to have it on file.

Also the police are not going to think that either of you are stalker if you are living together.

This sounds more like a domestic dispute.

Move out!

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