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Gale of the Wind

Forums ► Herbalism ► Gale of the Wind
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Gale of the Wind
Post # 1
In Caribbean folklore, Phyllanthus is called Gale of the Wind, because its seeds are carried on the winds of hurricanes. Addressing this hecceity, it is always a precious thing to keep up with the Chinese: Phyllanthus is an anti-hepatitis B virus plant, and this links to Rebiya Kadeer in her opposition to Chinese expansion in Uyghur country: the expansion includes Uyghurs infected with HBV virus and stigmatization of their culture, including educational opportunities. We note the photograph of her, Havel, and the Dhali Lama on the internet.

Phyllanthus / Oxyphyllol / Renal Cell Carcinoma

Phyllanthus / Phyllalbine

Phyllalbine is one of the Tropane bases:

'Structures of the Main Tropane Bases.

2.4 Confirmation of the Piperidine Ring and of the N-Methyl Group in Tropanes:

Atropine ---> (-)-Cocaine --->3S, 6S-(-)-valeroidine --->Phyllalbine --->Meteloidine --->Scopolamine.'
(Pelletier SW, Chemistry of the Alkaloids, p. 457)
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Re: Gale of the Wind
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
I really do not understand what is this thread about whatsoever.
The introduction consists of sentences ,which are not linked together logically ,so your readers are already scratching heads in wonder, how to get any sense of all this put together.It is almost as if you took random sentences from a bigger article(s) and crammed them together in extremely inappropriate way.I do not note any photograph, either. What Dhali Lama has to do with the herb ?
Do you understand that your introduction will determine if your reader will keep reading your thread or not and if they will decide to follow all the links you provided underneath?Well, in my case no matter the love I have for science and botany I will not visit those links.The whole thread is a big mix match and does not make sense.I wonder what is your driving motive to create such threads ?I bet it has nothing to do with you informing people fully ,because if it was you would have taken the time to do the research and put together a nice article.
What makes someone good writer is the quality of what they write and not the quantity or the mare existence of something they have put in tangible form.Please,refrain yourself from creating such threads.They are rather confusing your readers than informing them ,therefore they are waste of time and space in this forum.
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Re: Gale of the Wind
Post # 3
A writer, as Julia Kristeva has noted, had better not care too much who is reading them. The first sentence mentions wind, the second, a hecceity, which can also have to do with wind: Caribbean "duppy" is also an hecceity, a small tornado which is called a "dust devil." Keeping up with things Chinese means exactly that is does get political: Chinese expansion is not unknown to the Dali Lama, nor to Kadeer, and the antiviral plant, Phyllanthus, is the precise politico-medical counterpart to Kadeer's or even the Dali Lama's people. The Chinese use hepatitis B virus to further their goals, and that is why we have recently seen South Korean, Japanese, and American reactions to Chinese expansion. Lastly, the tropanes link Phyllanthus, Valerian, cocaine, and the nightshades. Extant in the literature is indeed a photo of Buddhist monks throwing stones into a Chinese store window in Mongolia, another form of hecceity: stones on the wind. Any questions?
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Re: Gale of the Wind
Post # 4
So, if one reads the links then they would see how your statements tie together? Or would they need more knowledge beyond that to understand what you are getting at? I cant just click on links on my phone but i will stop what im doing at the moment to type them into my browser and check them out if i think its worthwhile. Can you enlighten me?
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Re: Gale of the Wind
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
I am sure the author (any good author ) does care if anyone reads their work at least to the end and understands the main points.Otherwise what is the point of writing it?This is required for something that is about to qualify as somewhat quality writing.Why should the author care if John reads it ,or it was Jane instead the exact name of the reader. You are totally missing my point so far.
The author of this thread is you it is not Julia Kristeva.Are you trying to pass the ball to her ?Are you going to take some responsibility for what you have produced or not?
This thread has to do with the herb and what I (your reader) want to know is about it and the scientific research/use of it.I do not want links put in the middle to send me elsewhere, instead of your input on this ,because this should be your scope behind its creation at first place.Your thread's middle section looks as Bibliography.
The problem here is that bibliography should be presented after you have built your thesis and expressed your point of view prior to it ,while you have backed up your argument with the already existing and published research.
With other words :
The title is misleading
The introduction is lacking ,except if we do not assume that randomly put sentences that do not tie up together can be accepted as such.Which I do not accept.
The body of the thread is looking more like bibliography than thesis.
There is lack of conclusion ,instead we get some weird reference to a book we never heard off.
So far you have thrown in randomly Rebiya Kadeer ;I do not know how she "links" with the thread and with the title, whatsoever.Then you have thrown in Dhali Lama and Julia Kristeva.Who is next to come in the play?
Do you have an idea how to present scientific research or write an article ?If you knew you should have known that each topic sentence has to link to every sentence that comes after it logically.Everything should be presented in logically connected paragraphs.Bibliography and appendix should be listed last and after the conclusion.You also need to have introduction and the correct well-fitting title for your creative/scientific work.
I still can not link the things you mentioned.Why would you throw politics ,while writing for scientific research of herb?It could be logical move only if you are activist of campaign against China's expansion and decide to use it in your argument against it.However you do not strike me as political activists ,because they are good in talking and writing.
The good writer should always keep in mind what is their audience ,so does the good orator.Most members here are in school or college and not many are in into science research or politics/humanitarian disasters.Therefore extensive and well detailed explanation is called for in order for your readers to understand the research and all the political ,philosophical involvement around Phyllanthus plant.
This thread is disgrace for any scientific community and their research.It is also disgrace for you as its creator.
Please ,do yourself a favor and learn to write properly for your own sake and the sake of everyone else that stumbles upon your threads in this forum(any other forum here).
As far as I am concerned I did not understand how you can logically connect all your "explanations" and how this links to the title.You start with folklore ,then China's expansion gets involved and finally some random folks are thrown in the middle.All this is in literally few sentences.
I have at least 20 more questions than I started reading your thread.Your thread should answer those questions not provoke them along with some serious wonder about adequacy of your logical functionality.
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Re: Gale of the Wind
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 6
Barbi,also raised another valid issues/challenges she personally had to face ,while reading and attempting to make sense of your thread.I would like to thank her personally for coming forward as a fellow reader and for expressing them.
If you are a good author and person you should care what your readers have to tell you or share with you as their opinions.
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Re: Gale of the Wind
Post # 7
Though it may sound harsh, the post is jumbled up as much as possible to make it 'meaningless'.
I totally agree with Art.If you don't care about the reader whether he/she understands or not, then there is literally no point in posting. This post only left people in confusion, as of, what to understand from such a post.
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Re: Gale of the Wind
By: / Novice
Post # 8
This is just confusing. What is the actual subject of this post? With no subject, one cannot understand what you are referring to. You need to be complete in your writing about anything. This is just jumbled sentences. What's the point of this? Doesn't make any sense.
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