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Is it wrong?

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Is it wrong?
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Is it wrong?
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
So I have this friend who is Autistic and really isn't a great judge of character. He's in his early twenties. Anyway, there is this thirty year old girl who has been taking advantage of him sexually and he doesn't realize it. He thinks this girl is the love of his life and nothing I can say will change his mind. So I put a binding spell on his girlfriend to bind her influence over him.(Mentally,emotionally, and sexually)

Anyway my question is, is it wrong that I did that? I did the spell on the 30th because I was just fed up with him being taking advantage of and it seemed like the right thing to do. I couldn't ask permission because his family is very anti-magic and anything like that because they think it isn't Christian.

So my first question is was it wrong to do that to her if I did it with NO intention to harm her whatsoever?

And B. How long does it usually take for a spell like that to work? I've never done a binding spell before. He seems a tiny bit less enthusiastic about her but he still is so happy to hear from her the few times that she actually bother to call.

So how long should the spell take?

And again, did I do the wrong thing?
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Re: Is it wrong?
Post # 2
Wrong? Wrong is a personal thing. SO I shall help you answer your own question. Did you think it through and take a gander at what might come of the binding? If you did, are you prepared to accept the consequences? There will be some affect on you personally, considering the fact that he is your friend. These things, very rarely stay self-contained and ripple out and those close to them are the first to feel the effects besides the target of the work. Now if you infused into the intention, which you imbued in the energy for the spell, that you wanted to bring no harm then it might help a little. Spells can take anywhere from weeks to months to materialize, though I do occasionally here of things happening sooner.
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Re: Is it wrong?
By: / Novice
Post # 3
If it felt wrong to do, and by your questioning your own actions tells me that it does feel wrong, then it probably was. If at any time you doubt whether or not you should cast a spell, you probably should not. Did you explore all non-magick solutions? Did you express your concerns to his family? Perhaps the relationship should have had the chance to run its course. I understand you are trying to help your friend and prevent him from being hurt, but people need to make mistakes in order to learn from them. If you decide it was wrong to do the binding spell on her, maybe you should perform a reversing spell.
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Re: Is it wrong?
Post # 4
I'm autistic myself and I know that we find it near enough impossible to tell others motives and emotions. If she was lying to him then there's no way he could no. From what you've said there was nothing else you could have done. You helped your friend. That's not wrong
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