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Necromancy Holiday Spell

Forums ► Spell Suggestions ► Necromancy Holiday Spell
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Necromancy Holiday Spell
Post # 1
Happy Holidays,
This would be my first real spell on SOM. I usually don't do spells for I feel as though spells are personal, but this one is just for the holidays. Taken out of the Grimore's of the Sacred Order, The "Necromacy Black Mirror Ritual", before using this ritual it is important to use a protection spell and the basic spell calling on the four elements (this ritual is primarily for those that are familiar with Scrying). Things needed; One black mirror, one clear mirror, one white candle, two black candles, Cedar incense, (or one of your choice), a small bowl or cup (clear is preferred). With these tools, now we will begin.
I will just be giving the framework of the ritual, for I strongly believe that you should make it your own (imagination and self-will are a great combination). We will be placing the black mirror upright and the clear mirror underneath the black mirror. Upon this clear mirror you may put your magical symbols and the name of the entity you are trying to contact (washable marker is preferred). With that done, you are to take fresh water, whether bottled or spring and place the water in the clear bowl and center it on top of the clear mirror. Place the incense between the bowl and the black mirror (using an incense burner). Place one black candle on each side of the black mirror, placing the white candle behind the mirror, forming a triangle, if available, graveyard dirt is most effective in this ritual but not necessary. We have found that the ritual is still effective without graveyard dirt. Placing an object of the person in the center of the triangle is most effective. Now the lighting of the candles is very important, for they are to be lit in a certain order. The white candle is to be lit first, as you say the entity's name,repeat "Come to me in peace".
While lighting of the candle on the left, repeat, "wherever thou may rest". Now light the candle on the right and the incense, now while looking in the black mirror, repeat, "Join with this vessel to speak unto me". Now it just a matter of your concentration and dedication to the ritual. I find it most useful that while gazing into the mirror to concentration on the entity and speak to the entity as if they were already there next to you. Concentration must begin with visualization of your desire, and this concludes my black mirror ritual. Just a reminder, in closing a ritual such as this, it is very important to dismiss the entity in peace. After removing the tools for this ritual, it is important to clean you area and cover your mirror for later use. The water in the bowl should be released to the ground outside. I look forward to hearing of your results with this ritual.
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