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Make your own spells
By: / Novice
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Hello everyone.

I decided to make a post for all the begginers here.

Making your own spells

Whenever you come to ask for help or a spell suggestion and you get a response like: make your own spell, it is because:

  1. It is simple . Making a spell is a very simple process (however it can be considered complicated from many)The making of the spell is very simple. First you decide on the cause which is what do you want to succeed with your spell. That can be anything so you have to be extremely careful what you ask for. You should find a way to state it clearly and prevent misunderstandings. Especially if you will be using some kind of chanting, whispering, talking or singing in your spell, ritual. The power of speech is great and you will have to use it carefully and wisely. I m sure no one wants undesirable side effects. You have to make good understanding of the wording and do not leave spiritual gaps. So when you bless the spell (according to yuour path, religion, Gods and beliefs) you should make sure you cast a circle and again be careful with the wording. You write everything down and ask from your Gods to bless the spell.
  2. It is creative Making a spell can be very creative and you can use that on your advantage. Creativity makes you more sensible to stimuli and therefore more spiritually open and often wiser. Creativity is just one form of the universal language and it is often used for acquisition of knowledge. It will be a wonderful experience for all of you. If you feel exteremely artistic you ccan draw some symbols you like to make the spell more powerful.
  3. It has your personal energy This is very important since spells are more likely to work better for you if they are made by you. They have your personal energy and will have better effect than a spell someone else wrote. It's better to work with something more personal so you can make better sense of the craft.

Notes :

  • What is reffered above is for people who know the basics and have been practising. I wouldn't suggest the attempt of spellwork with no knowledge over your path or the basics.
  • You can not put impossible things to your spells e.g become a vampire. It will be a waste of time and energy and it will not work.
  • Start with low requests

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Re: Make your own spells
Post # 2
You're right that spell writing can be very simple. However, it can also take time and patience an on the occasion a written spell can be complex. It all depends on the aesthetic, or personal style, or even on beliefs as a whole as tradition may sometimes apply.

You have a personal style you describe in this thread that not everyone should or even has to follow. Patrons or "Gods", deities of any sort do not have to play a part in casting or writing spells. This is of course unless a person's belief system calls for it since there are doctrines that express spells as sometimes bargaining, sometimes offering rituals, and so on.

Casting circles are also not required. A spell can be much simpler than that. In fact verbalizing during a spell isn't required either. Sounds in general do not have to be a part of every spell.

Generally speaking the idea behind a good spell cast is that you simply express what it is you're asking from whatever you're asking it. This can go in many directions; art, instrumental music, silent or spoken prayer, of course chanting, and many many other options are possibilities equally as useful. It is often recommended because of this that a person write their own spell rather than using one someone else shared. It is the idea that not everything must be spoken or expressed so outright. When you write your own spell you all ready have in mind the specifics of your desires and that is what really matters, having it thought out. A person doesn't have to be extremely careful with their wording as long as it doesn't really conflict with the spell's purpose. Again, it's all about the will.

You want something and you use a spell as a tool to help make it happen.

Creativity is a good for most people. Others don't need or even want it. It is possible to express yourself and your desires without being artistic. There aren't many limits to what you can achieve and there are even more ways to go about achieving all of it.

It's only more likely to for a spell written by you to work for you because it was written with very specific, personal interests in mind. Personal energy might be a way to say that but otherwise spells by other people can work just as effectively as long as that motivated, sentimentality or even just will of utmost clarity still exists. Some people do just fine casting spells shared by others, it's very subjective as to which one is more likely to succeed.

Personally I think casting a spell during your first couple months of study isn't a horrible idea. It's a good way to get an idea of personal style varying from those expressed by other people in the work you study.
People can put crazy things in spells, doesn't mean it's a waste of time. If the person isn't delusional they'll hopefully learn from it.
I agree that small time desires are a better way to go when first begining spell craft for a couple reasons really:
A. If a beginner does manage to succeed, hopefully if anything goes wrong it won't be too messy for someone inexperienced to clean up.
B. The rare occasion that a beginner manages the inspiration and total dedication that goes into well-cast spells may call for less intensive work. It's typically safe to assume that the more complicated the request the more intense the spell may turn out (otherwise requiring more energy and time). This being said it's good to avoid overwhelming one's self with intensive spell casting as a beginner. On the other hand there's no harm in writing a spell that has a pretty generous request attached to it.

I just recommend someone with less experience to be careful, get plenty of rest, and take it seriously or don't bother.
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