Can a demon do this?

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Can a demon do this?
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Can a demon do this?
Post # 1

So can a demon encourage or make a person stay awake for very late, like even till 10 o clock in the morning? Because lately I've been staying awake even till 10 o clock in the morning because I can't get any sleep even if I take sleeping pills, like Melatonin or Ketipinor, so I guess that a demon is maybe making me stay awake. What can I do? Can a demon really make a person stay awake? Because I heard that some demons can wake the person up at least. Or can the third eye opening also make a person sleepless? This sleeping problem is destroying my life! And I don't have any other medicines than just Melatonin and Ketipinor and Melatonin and Ketipinor are only for my sleeping problems...

Re: Can a demon do this?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
No, it's not a demon.

I suggest discussing this with your doctor so they can adjust your medication.

Re: Can a demon do this?
Post # 3
I don't think you have a demon
The major symptoms of the demonic are...
Unexplained noises
Doors, cabinets, drawers opening and closing
Lights turning on and off
Items disappearing and reappearing
Objects moving by themselves
Unexplained shadows
Animals behave strangely
Feelings of being watched
Feelings of being touched
Cold or hot spots
You said you are taking medicine
Well like conjurelady said it might be you meds
Meds have been caused to make paranoia before
It does not matter how we take the drug! drugs that alter the way we think, feel, talk, act, behave and speak are all drugs we want to quit! That could include illegal drugs like crack cocaine, or that could also include legal over the counter drugs like cough medicine or allergy pills & especially include psychotropic drugs!
believe it or not sleeping medicine can keep you up and make feel strange
Hope this helps
Blessed be :) )0(

Re: Can a demon do this?
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
I'm sure demons have better things to do than keep people up at night.If you don't bother them they wont bother you. Unless of course a demon comes across you and just decides to be a jerk to you. Which could be the case of any spirit. People are the same way. Just ask your doctor about your meds, and take into consideration your diet, stress level, etc. A cup of chamomile tea before bed helps a bit as well, and reading does wonders.

Re: Can a demon do this?
Post # 5
Demons are not human
Feeding off other people is the better thing to do
I know because I was once a demons source of life
But no I don't think a demon is torching him
Just med problems

Re: Can a demon do this?
Post # 6

harmtonone are you sure that demons can move physical objects or make the physical objects disappear or teleport the physical objects, or levitate the physical objects,or change theform of the physical objects or make the physical objects appear so the physical objects (dis)appear, teleport, move, levitate, or change the form by itselves? Because that thing would be a poltergeist, right? Because many wtches say that such things never happen...

Re: Can a demon do this?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 7
People sometimes confuse spiritual/ghost haunting (and even symptoms of paranoia and delusion) as "demons".

The list of things that have been described in this thread are often seen with ghost hauntings, and the natural human instinct to feel/see things that aren't there during certain situations.

Quite frankly, demons have better things to do than to open your dresser drawer.

Re: Can a demon do this?
Post # 8
corrosive have you tried something less "strong" than drugs to sleep? Sometimes I use an infusion my granmother does and it works quite well:
camomille (not in the tea bag but the dried flowers)
dried laurel leaf (one per person)
carob (better if dried, just a piece of it)
put all the ingredients in boiling water and let it rest for about 15 minutes away from heat, sweeten as you please. To be taken before going to bed.
check if you are allergic to any of the ingredients first.

Re: Can a demon do this?
Post # 9

Well, since I am an Esoteric Christian, I believe that demons are malicious, and that they do bother or attack people just for fun too. And I am sure some other religions and beliefs also believe that demons are malicious...So demons can indeed attack or bother people even if the person didn't anger the demons or give the demons any reason to attack or bother the person. It just is true, because I read about this thing... I am sure demons have attacked me many times... And that they are not my paranoia and I am not even delusional or tired, and I know demons tend to attack or bother me sometimes... D: I don't understand that why would someone defend the demons and say that demons have better things to do so they don't attack... Didn't you ever read the things they say about demons? But as I said, I am an Esoteric Christian, so that's the main reason I believe that demons are malicious, but then I heard other people that are not Christians at all that said that demons can bother or attack people... I heard even witches that are Pagan or from another religion or just witches that say that demons are indeed malicious. So, why not?

Re: Can a demon do this?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 10
I say it, Corrosive, because I have worked with them for many many years, so my comment is based on my experience with them.
I also practice a tradition that is heavily influenced by Christianity and I will continue to say "Demons have better things to do than open your drawers".

They are the "go to" answer anytime something off happens in a persons life. It *must* be demons!

The questions are never asked such as "What makes you so important, out of all the people in the world, that they would want to keep you awake, or pull your hair, or throw a book across the room".

And the reason that question is never asked, is because no one wants to hear the answer of "Nothing. I'm not that special at all"

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