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The Basics
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thought this could help.

Meditation Meditation Is a special technique Designed to facilitate your journey along the path of self discovery. Meditation helps you remain still long enough to re-discover your essence, to find out the part of you that is forever linked to the primary source of all that is. It's the journey into the unknown. Everyone has their own individual journey to take.

Concentration and relaxation are the keys to a successful meditation, you must be able to concentrate on the present, being able to concentrate on the "now". Your goal will be out of reach if you're getting easily distracted, but nothing is easy at first, it will get easier for you the more you practice, trust me. It is also important to remain relaxed through-out your meditation. This means having a relaxed attitude aswell rather than just being relaxed. Trying to hard can cause yourself to be distracted so easy, just let it flow, let it happen. If you're reading this for advise on how to stop getting distracted, then I would say that you need to tell yourself that you're not going to get distracted. Don't get frustrated if you get distracted, don't drain yourself, it won't get no where. You will start to realize that "letting it flow" has an effect on your everyday life, causing less tension through-out your days, if you have anger issues you will start to realise that you don't get angry no more, just experience how calm you're. Being able to be relax and a incredible gift.

It really doesn't matter how you position yourself when you're trying to meditate the main thing is that you're relaxed and are able to focus. When you're relaxed it gets rid of any tension you have, any cramped muscles, any strains. You may choose any position, but its best to choose the position that you feel most relaxed. In my opinion, try not to cross any parts of your upper body because it can stop the energy flow when you're meditating. Basically what am saying is that it could cause a limitation of how much energy flows through your body. It's very important to stay in the present because when you have a goal and you're in the present you're creating stepping stones, so each stone you step on you're getting close to your desired goal. For beginners it would be good to say " now am going to meditate" so you stay in the present and don't get side tracked. If you keep saying that for a couple of weeks you will know that its your second nature, what I mean by that is you won't have to say it before you meditate.

The way you breathe is another consideration. Breath deeply into your capacity, exhale all of the air, now notice how you feel, can you feel relaxed? Breathing deeply basically send even more oxygen to the brain which allows you to relax even more and of course for your awareness to expand that extra more, it actually helps you because the breath is one of main objects you can focus on, when techniques are taught, you will learn in ways to which to utilise the breath during meditation. The environment can not be overlooked. Where and when you practice the amazing art of meditation must be considered beforehand.

Visualizing Certain things that people naturally can do, but may not be aware of, Actually it's very few of is that are aware, greatly they can highly increase ability to hold an image in their mind for a long period of time. such as exercises people have used to develop the skill of being able to relax deeply. Visualization is an inner state of mind. In order to visualize properly, you have to put yourself in a state in which they can properly focus on what they want. For most people, it is helpful to separate themselves from distracting or chaotic external stimuli, what am saying is that finding a place where you would be best relaxed would be best. Eventually, Once you keep practicing it, you will get to the point were you won't have to be in a state where you can visualize it properly, it would be most helpful if you create a sacred space mentally and physically. This means putting aside, as far as possible, ordinary concerns.

Grounding is basically sending some of this energy into the Earth. It allows you to be in your body, to be rock solid and to be able to feel your feelings. Let me begin by briefly describing the first 3 chakras

First: Base Chakra. This wheel of energy is located at the base of your spine. Its colour is bright red. It?s an unemotional, thought free energy. When it?s flowing strongly, it gives a certainty to the instincts and a wordless grace.

Second: Sacral Chakra. This wheel of energy is located in your lower belly. Its colour is orange. This chakra deals with the emotions, sexuality and identity. When it?s flowing strongly, it allows for clairsentient, empathic abilities.

Third: Solar Plexus Chakra. This wheel of energy is located a few inches above your belly button. Its colour is sunshine yellow. This chakra deals with factual information and the immune system both physical and spiritual. When it?s flowing strongly, it allows for a strong sense of your own power.

To ground yourself, begin by sitting or standing or in any other relaxing position, but please, make sure your feet are flat on ground, nice and firm. Close your eyes. Begin breathing deeply through your nose. Expand your lungs to full capacity. Hold the breath for a count of five. Now breath out deeply via your mouth, allowing yourself to make the Haaa sound as you do so. Be aware of your lungs, rib cage and diaphragm whilst you do this. You are breathing consciously: not as you usually do. Do as many deep breaths as you want, just stay nice and relaxed for the time being, now start breathing nautrally, don't control it. With your eyes still closed, do a mental scan of your body. Are there tight muscles anywhere, can you feel any tension?, have you pulled a muscle Begin with your feet, move up your body slowly, making sure you have scanned it properly, then next move on to your main parts, arms, neck ect, Stay relaxed. Now breath once even more consciously using the Haa breathing technique This time though imagine drawing your breath up into your body, your feet, do this until satisfied;)

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