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Did my spell work too wel

Forums ► Other Spells Discussion ► Did my spell work too wel
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Did my spell work too wel
Post # 1
Hi all; newbie here. I look forward to learning from you!

A couple of years ago I cast a spell that is sometimes, in some forms, referred to as a curse. But I put no malice into it. Is it possible that it did harm I did not intend?

Here are more details:

I was in frequent communication with a man whom I considered a dear friend. Things between us started to go sour, and I found myself in a lot of emotional pain about it. After trying unsuccessfully to resolve our differences, I saw no satisfactory resolution in sight and decided I needed to let go of the relationship and move forward. I was hurting too much. I just wanted it to end.

However, he was still sending me messages. While his messages were not particularly offensive or threatening, I felt that his communications were keeping me embroiled in a relationship and emotions that I wanted to sever so that I could move on and stop hurting.

Somewhere (I don't remember where) I read about a spell to stop someone from contacting you. It involves writing their name on a piece of paper, putting it in a container of water, and keeping it in the freezer. So I did that.

Within a few weeks, he stopped emailing me completely, even though I responded to his last message and didn't tell him to leave me alone (I was leaving the door open to reconciliation, as I was feeling stronger emotionally and more open to that by then.) But he didn't answer. Within the next few months he sent an isolated text -- a friendly one -- which I answered, but that was that. Our correspondence was effectively terminated. Then I heard nothing from him... ever again.

A little over a year after I first cast the spell -- and honestly forgot about it, but still had his name in ice in my freezer -- I wanted to get back in touch with him. I sent him an email. I then learned that he had died three weeks before!

More recently, I've been reviewing various spells, and I've seen "cursing" or "binding" spells that are very similar to the one that I cast on this man. And I've seen the warnings that you shouldn't dabble lightly in magick, especially where it affects others, and especially where it may be considered a curse... and perhaps that's what I did.

I never was much into spells before (have become more interested lately) so I was definitely a novice. Is it possible that I was messing with stuff too powerful and perhaps even evil?

I was not trying to curse him. I was not feeling any malice toward him when I froze his name. My entire purpose was to put him behind me and move on with my life, to freeze the painful emotions that I had developed as a result of our relationship. I had absolutely no desire to hurt him.

I didn't kill him, did I? :(

Any comments are welcome! Thanks so much!
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Re: Did my spell work too wel
Post # 2
First things first no magic is evil. None. People can use it for evil but otherwise magics is just magic. Just like a gun doesn't pull it's own trigger it has to be aimed and fired. You said after a year, meaning by then the curse would've killed him. If he died of something else wether your magic assisted is another thing. But communication spells run like relationship spells not curses. You're fine. Magic can be dangerous so is recommend research and practice long before you even consider a curse. I use curses hexes necromancery and more. None are evil. I mean heck I once brought back a cat to kill the rats in my neighbors storage shed. Magic is a tool. Wether you heal or slaughte or anything in the middle is your choice. Have a wonderful day and goodluck with magic!
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Re: Did my spell work too wel
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
This thread has been moved to Other Spells Discussion from General Info.
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Re: Did my spell work too wel
Post # 4
I know feeling, I've done something similar to that, but nothing ever happened to mentor it, so I figured I was fine. You have nothing to worry about.
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Re: Did my spell work too wel
Post # 5
Thank you all for your feedback. I really appreciate it! :)
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