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Basics of 3-Fold

Forums ► General Info ► Basics of 3-Fold
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Basics of 3-Fold
Post # 1
I know that casting a spell out of selfishness or taking away someone's free will can cause the caster to get three times a punishment.
But there's something that I've been curious for about some time now.
If you were to cast a spell on yourself to make a suitable partner enter your life, would that cause the punishment?
And what if there is a person who seems like a loner, and you decide to cast a popularity or attraction spell on them? Would that result in punishment because you're causing other people to like that specific person?
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Re: Basics of 3-Fold
Post # 2
As I take it, whatever you do comes back 3 times... good or bad! If you help someone, you will be helped 3 times...

If you put someone in restriction you will face 3 times restrictions... but I think its only for those who believe... I have seen Hoodoo spells and they dont follow 3 fold law (me guess)
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Re: Basics of 3-Fold
Post # 3
according to me 3fold is scary version of "what goes around comes backwards" or karma it is made to stop peoples to misuse the magic but peoples believe in it however not every punishments are given thrice to me no punishments is given thrice but karma punishments is given according to the hight of bad working or called sin so I don't believe on it but I have strong belief on karma and what goes around comes backwards but not 3x lol
Blessed Be
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Re: Basics of 3-Fold
Post # 4
It is just to scare you... I have seen many 'bad' people, they never suffer

I mean people who would use others for benefit, corruption... making jokes on others and using all evil ways, cheating their bf/gf/hubby, they live for like 80 years and nothing happens to them!
I know one woman who did black magic to get a married man, she is beautiful and nothing wrong has happened to her! She is rich, has nice kids.. even after breaking a house nothing bad has happened to her so far...

I have seen people who work hard, pray a lot,study a lot, always toppers in everything, faithful n loyal, obedient, always do right and never harm another, they get killed in some accident at age of 20-30

Karma is only for those who believe in it!
Just do whatever makes you happy, you should go to bed without regrets :)
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Re: Basics of 3-Fold
Post # 5
Karma affects the next life (if you believe in reincarnation), not this life, vini.p. If you do bad in this life, you will suffer in the next.
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Re: Basics of 3-Fold
Post # 6
Lol vini by scary version I mean that its made to scare others to not use magic to harm others and I also don't believe in it as Guess stated already but yea evil live long sometimes because the chance is given to them many times So that you can't make stupid excuses in celestial court of after life this time is given to them because of there previous karma also and sometimes by chances to be good also (acc to some religions) no one is saying that don't enjoy freedom or live with your rules but live with harming none (including you) its the Main key to live life in my views...
The reality is no human can ever know all secrets of universe...
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Re: Basics of 3-Fold
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 7

People take the Three-Fold Law much too literally. Just because one does something bad doesn't mean that three bad things will happen to them. Nor does doing something good mean that three good things will happen to you.

What the Three-Fold Law is saying is that our actions have consequences. And those consequences come back to effect us physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

As an example...suppose you go through life being angry and hateful to others all the time...

Science has proven that people who are angry all the time are more prone to gastrointestinal disease, heart attacks, and even strokes. Thus the physical consequences.

And if you are always angry and lashing out at others you'll soon find yourself avoided by people leading to loneliness and depression...hence the emotional consequence.

And finally, by acting in a negative fashion all of the time, one begins to create a separation with the Divine (by whatever name you call it) thus creating your very own spiritual consequence.

Thus the consequences of one's actions...called the Three-Fold Law come back to effect one in this lifetime.

Karma...which is entirely different from the Three-Fold Law...has to do with the sum of one's actions during a lifetime (both good and bad) and effects how you will be reincarnated in the next lifetime. It has little or nothing to do with the present lifetime.

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Re: Basics of 3-Fold
By: / Beginner
Post # 8
What goes around, comes around. Karma, three fold; these are just a way to say to live a good life. "God is watching" is another, especially with young ones. It helps to be good when you know something bad might happen if you don't. Making your life mean something, even if just to you, leaving earth in a better condition while you're here; helping where you can. Its all pointing for us to live a good life. Hope this helps. My words are not coming easily today(sorry). Blessings!
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