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No Subject

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No Subject
Post # 1
My brother is not studying and has failed in his exams.He spends whole day talking to his friends over phone.When my parents ask him to study,he shouts at them and tries to threaten.He is not able to see his good or bad.He always listens to his friends blindly and they also give him wrong advices.He has isolated himself from us and does not like us.He always says that he is not concerned about us.He was not like this before.He used to be very nice and used to help my mother with domestic chores.Now he tries to increase work for my mother instead of helping her.He treats her like a dog.Is there any spell to make him realise his mistakes and make him like he was before?
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Re: No Subject
Post # 2
Well, I have a way this MAY resolve your issue. You can do a binding spell, if you don't know what a binding spell is.. it's basically a spell that when cast on a target holds them against doing a specific thing. In your case would be more along the lines of holding your brother against negative things, binding him of his bad ways. Now, here's the bittersweet part of this. You should not hold no one against there own free will, no matter how bad or good of a person they are it's not fair to take away someone's will without there permission. If you are positive you wanna do a spell like this take precaution and think about consequences that may come your way in the end. I strongly suggest not doing this, but that's just me. Also, your brother seems to be going through a phase that all of us teens do although many of our phases may be darker than others, it's still just something we go through. I'm pretty sure he'll grow out of it in no time. Just have a family meeting with him and explain to him how his actions have been badly affecting the family. You don't need to turn to magic and forceful measures so quickly.

Much Luv & Blessed Be
-Water c:
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Re: No Subject
Post # 3

In my opinion, I wouldn't recommend a binding although it could o some good, however what you need is to restore his sensibility and sight for others, as well as to open his heart so you could even approach him with a family intervention. I will recommend a spell to you that might help things go smoother. I just need to say that he seems to be, by your story, a teenager. In this case, talk to your parents and explain to them that they must not let him treat them in such a way. They must show control and who is in charge, this is the most important thing you must do. He has to learn that he needs to show respect in order to get it back. Mirror his behaviour, so he might see what he is doing- try that, it always works.

As for the spell... : This spell negates hostility and warms the heart to make it open.
1. Create a powder consisting out of salt, rosemary, sage and sugar
2. Take a jar with a tight lid and fill it half with water and half with sugar
3. Take the picture of your brother or something that would represent him and charge it to represent him.
4. Add the representing item/picture in the jar
5. Cut a five pointed star out of pink paper and add it as well
6. sprinkle the powder made under 1. into the solution
7. if it is possible for you, find eyebright (herb- Euphrasia sp.) and add it as well
8. Tighten the jar and shake it hard every day nine times for at least nine days saying an incantation:

Dear brother, listen, hear
I ask of you, lower your weir;
open heart, open mind,
open to us, in kind;
to see similarity,
to treat all with charity
open heart, open mind
open to us in kind.

So I hope it helps you. If you decide to do the spell, please inform us how it went :)

With best regards :)
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