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Help needed
Post # 1
Ok I am going to try to make this as short as I can but want to explain what has been going on...few years ago my sister moved in ( nothing weird was going on at this time ) then a few months later we moved to a different state. Once we moved into the house the first night was crazy! Loud banging and a constant feeling of something there. A few of the things that have gone on were books falling off the bookcase, an item falling across the room, the shower curtain being pushed in, tapping on my sisters wall, strange growling on the phone when her b/f called, the feeling of almost running into someone when turning the corner in the hallway. Once my son was sleeping in bed with me and was on top trying to choke me. Thankfully we moved out of that house. I stayed locally and my sister moved out of state. At my home I walked into the den and found my bible as if it had been thrown on the floor. I did a sage cleaning and hanged a blessed cross up and I am pretty sure that did the trick as far as getting rid of anything not nice in my home. However my husband thinks he sometimes see things out the corner of his eye. But I'm not too concerned with that. But the real issue is my sister is having issues with her bedroom. For a period of time she was scared to sleep in her room. She had seen a head/face staring at her in the middle of the night, wakes up out of a dead sleep always around the same time, her b/f has crazy dream talks and sometimes will have his eyes open. Also you can hear noises coming from her room. I will be visiting her very soon and will be bringing sage and black salt but worried that wont help especially since the home was blessed twice. Please can anyone help?!?! Advice and tips on what I should do to take care of this. This has never happened to us before.
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Re: Help needed
Post # 2
Well instead of trying to force the entity out try asking it to leave ,because this entity is probably been there a while, attahed itself your sister and/or is to powerful to be forced out by one or two people. And so if it isnt ready & willing to leave then ask it if there is anything you could do to help it find peace but be careful if it is angered things could become very bad. To end i wish you the best of luck and i am sorry there isnt much i can without being there or atleast no where "there" is Be safe and Blessed Be.
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Re: Help needed
Post # 3
Thanks for reading my story and for the info
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