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Difference in Light.

Forums ► Other Paths ► Difference in Light.

Difference in Light.
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
Recently there has been a little debate on what is the difference between a normal us (no matter what path you have taken) and a satanic worshiper. Let it be said that it isn't from on this site but I still believe it is important to know the difference so we may better defend ourselves in case we walk into a debate like this. (P.S. this isn't about satanic people being evil or bad, just the difference.)

If you are Pagan than you may have heard of The Horned One. He is basically the father of Nature whereas Gaia is the mother of Nature. In fact, if you ever looked up a picture of him or read a description, than you may get a strong idea that he looks just like Satan from the Christian and Catholic religion (even if the bible doesn't say what Satan or Lucifer looks like "http://www.bcholmes.org/wicca/satan.html"). The reason why both sound the same is because way back then the Christian Church wanted more followers so they made one of their Gods sound like some scary person in their own religion. Again, I am not badmouthing anything or anyone, just a little history lesson. There is no connection of any of our religion to theirs. Yours or mine does not talk about their God or Satan and their bible does not have anything (with my limited research, brain knowledge, and misc resources) to do with ours. This does not include the mix religions of Christians/Catholics with ours (Meaning they believe in the bible but also believe in, lets say, Wiccan law).

With little to no connection that bridges that religion to any of ours, it means that we do not worship Satan but our own Gods and Goddesses. So if we see us as not worshipers of Satan, than who are? Simple, Satanists. I meet a few and even got to know them a bit. Some were lost to their own will of excitement while others were dead serious of their religion. They don't follow sinful actions or go out of their way to destroy things for no reason but for sin itself. Well that might be a bit off since everyone is different but the serious ones I have meet are like that.

Being a Satanist means that you believe in the bible and you are part of the Christian/Catholic religion. It sounds rough and harsh to them but that is true. They follow Satan because they desired to go against those people that keep telling them what they can and cannot do (is the most common reason). They can also have mix believes by believing in Satan and some of the wiccan Gods or even the Voodoo Snake God. Here is a better thing to understand, there is a light side and a dark side in the religion.

I lost my train of thought here, but I hope that this helps to clear up any confusion, if any.
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Re: Difference in Light.
Post # 2
There are very many different types of satanists who are serious in their practices so i would think that to generalise would be off. Unlike wicca, one can't categorise and truly explain satanism because it means so many different things to different people and has so many different practices. Key word is different. Just wanted to point that out.
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Re: Difference in Light.
By: / Novice
Post # 3

Most pagans arent eclectic but follow a set pantheon and a set of ancient belief systems , Gaia who is part of the Greek pantheon as the Titan who represents Earth itself (titans are not gods , its a common misconception that they are) was married to Uranos (the Sky) her son. In Greek mythology where Gaia originates from there is no Horned one. Your view is more electic then set in stone pagan it seems.

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Re: Difference in Light.
Post # 4

Being a Satanist doesn't mean you believe in the bible or the deity Satan. Seriously, there is many different branches of satanism and I believe you should research actual Satanism and it's branches. It can teach you some things since it is evident that you have not read any of actual Satanic works. I find your thoughts inaccurate. Satanism is about carnal fullfulliment and believing in yourself, and there is so many different ideas and opinions in the many branches. To the point where you cannot generalise Satanism.

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Re: Difference in Light.
Post # 5

I completely agree with Sim... well said, Sim.

The main focus of serious "Satanists" is to do what makes them happy and not let others tell them what to do, what they can't do or what is right or wrong. They don't believe in sin, much or any of the Bible and generally dont wish anyone harm unless they either pose a threat to them, their family, friends or get in the way of what they want. Some that I have met can come across as selfish and corse because of their beliefs but I find most as honest, well spoken, thoughtful, smart, trustworthy and pretty darned good people. Most of those I have met/meet believe their power comes from within, they are their own source of power/God and generally don't believe in another God/Diety.

Sure, there are different beliefs within the path of Satanism and it will vary from the above mentioned, but I think if you were to generalize, the above mentioned would be a good fit for the majority.

Sure there are those that worship the Christian Satan/The Devil but I believe the questions/curiosity want to know about the "type" of Satanists that I "generalized" above.

I don't generally like to correct others or generalize a path or type of people but I felt the need to this time. If you are a Satanist and feel I misrepresented you or your beliefs, please feel free to correct me here.

And that's all I have to say about that. :::Forest Gump impression:::


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Re: Difference in Light.
Post # 6
It would be wishful thinking to think that the majority of satanists are like that to be honest. Perhaps its just that i hate generalisations, but i would disagree with you. In a magick system and belief system free-ish from moral constraints, you can't generalise, there are just too many differences. I've met a good number of satanists, with one who would curse you at a slight offence and another so sweet and nice you could'nt believe he was a satanist. Knowing most of them personally, it's just i feel that that generalisation and generalisations about satanists(all types) in general are misleading and wrong.
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Re: Difference in Light.
Post # 7

Thank you Wizzard, for agreeing with me I appreciate it.

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Re: Difference in Light.
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 8
Regardless of what modern incarnation of Satanism is practiced, you will however find that the concept is rooted within a practice generally defined by a concept involving Satan, and is therefore rooted within Judeo-Christian belief.

Again, you may not believe in Christianity or the bible or any of the rest,but the very fact that you practice a religion called Satanism means that your faith was born in reaction to Christianity.
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Re: Difference in Light.
Post # 9

I was simply trying to point out that the Satanists, or general idea of the beliefs of Satanists in regards to those who DONT worship the "Christian Devil" (because when I see others ask about Satanists it is usually by those that are seeking info on the Satanists that aren't "Devil worshipers") don't base their beliefs on anything to do with the Christian Bible AT ALL. Sure, there are plenty of those who base their beliefs on the Bible but I am not talking about those people because, again, its my belief that most of those who are asking about Satanism are wanting to know about the beliefs of the Satanists that DONT have any beliefs that stem from the Bible AT ALL. Go research and read up on the differences of the different Satanism beliefs. The word and meaning of "Satan" in the Bible was borrowed from much older beliefs (like everything else in the Bible) and used in the text in such a way that it was easy to misinterpret and the churches used it to give those with different beliefs an evil name. The Bible actually uses the word Satan as to mean an "adversary" or an "accuser" so that ant person who goes against them could be call "The Accuser" or "The Adversary", not as a specific being, but just a title that could be bestowed upon anyone. But the word Satan goes back further than the Hebrew meaning.. way back to one of the oldest languages of Sankrit.

Satan is derived from the ancient Sanskrit set of primal sounds used in sacred mantras of kundalini meditation.... also referred to as "SERPENT" meditation! The origional word is Satnam, with the meaning of each of the seperate primal sounds broken down are: SA-TA-NA-MA, SA-Infinity TA-Life NA-Death MA-Rebirth. In all variations of the word "Satan" in Sanskrit means "Truth".

If you look at the Bible objectively, and read much older texts you will soon find out that most everything in the Bible was "borrowed" from much older texts, repurposed into a religion and a lot of the words and meanings were changed so that that they turned the knowledge that one could use to help themselves and connect to a higher energy into bad thing so the people would look to the church for guidance and rules instead of themselves or connecting directly to the Divine Energy or God(s) directly. Read some of the stories in the ancient Sumarian texts/tablets written thousands of years before the Bible came out and you will see that they just took much older stories, they were copied to scrolls and the scrolls were all gathered up to form one religion that would/could best benefit the governing parties with a "church" to control the masses in a way by having people turn to the church for all of their answers and to connect to a higher power. There was actually a group of those in power in Rome who held "The council of Nicaea" to determine what texts would be included in the new pieced together religion of stories and many were left out... these stories became what we know of as "The Bible". I only tell you these things so that you realize that there were many beliefs long before the Bible came out and much of the stories were changed, had things left out or were told in a way that led others to believe certain words or things are meant in a way that they weren't originally intended... like the meaning and origions of the word Satan.

Just because the word Satan is most known because of the Bible doesn't mean that anyone that call themselves Satanists are worshippers of the "Devil", nor does it mean that Satanists weren't around before the Bible came out. The Satanists that I am referring to are those that seek the truth, not afraid to stand against the church and religions that work to control the masses, those who look within for power to connect to a higher power (or that they realize they are their own God) and believe that they should be allowed to do what ever makes them happy without fear of sin because there is no such thing in their beliefs.

Now, because everyone is different and has different ways of thinking (different personalities) there are many different types of Satanists as well as beliefs. Do your own research... read MANY different points of view, research for yourself the meanings of the word Satan, its origins and draw your own conclusions and beliefs. The above is mine from many years of research and my perspective on what I have read.

Sure.. there are many that just plug into a website, read a few paragraphs and call themselves Satanists. There are different branches of Satanism that just go off from what a true Satanist, that actually did the research and came up with his/her own beliefs, and assume that they are true Satanists. In my humble opinion, a true Satanist is one who is a searcher of truth, willing to go against the church and religions that hey feel are just a way of controlling the masses and choose to enjoy what ever makes them happy.

Take the journey to find the truth about what it means to be a Satanist for yourself if you wish to truly know the meaning and beliefs. Don't just follow others and go with what others believe... the path of a Satanist is one of truth seeking that you have to do with a determined attitude and an open mind. I made the journey, these are my beliefs... don't argue with others about something unless you have made the journey yourself. While I don't come out and label myself as a Satanist, I have followed the path and made the journey down what I consider to be one of a Satanist. If you want to know or argue this point then drop all of your beliefs you think are true, research all the meanings as and symbolism, open your eyes to the possibility that you have been conditioned in every way imaginable and search for the truths in EVERYTHING. When you come to whatever conclusion that you draw from all the true meaning of all aspects of life and come to your own set of beliefs, then you are a Satanist... whether your beliefs are similar to anyone else's or not. If you want to take the word of others that goes off from the Bible or others personal beliefs, then please realize we are not talking about the same definition of Satanism and we are then comparing apples to turds, in which I am holding a delicious fruit and you are in dire need of a good cleansing.

Am I right... YES! This is what I have found to be the meaning and beliefs of Satanism because I took the initiative and courage to let go of all of my beliefs and walk the path to find out for myself. Do I visit sites claiming to be Satanists? Nope, I don't need to. If you want to start out by reading what others think Satanism is then go ahead... but there are many different views... I suggest you find your own beliefs.

I have walked many different paths in which I consider Satanism to be one of. I have set aside my beliefs and concentrated on each path as part of my overall quest to find the truth and experience many different paths so that I can understand others point of views... so while I don't believe that others are wrong in what they believe, I feel that's its wrong for others to tell me I'm wrong... especially when they haven't walked the path themselves or know the true meaning of what something means. If you think something with the same name has a different meaning that mine then we could very well both be right because we are talking about different things entirely.

I have been labeled as a Wizard, Chaos magician, Satanist, etc... I feel I am more along the lines of a Wizard because I like to help others, am a seeker of truth, walk different paths for knowledge and understanding and work with many different energies and practices of the occults. I know others who I found out are Satanists and they were drawn to me because they recognized me as a Satanist. I know that there are many different meaning and thoughts of what it means to be a Satanist... the above is what I have found to be the true (to me) meaning of being a Satanist. Whether its apples and turds or we just disagree... this is my position, thoughts, beliefs and personal understanding from my journey on the subject.


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Re: Difference in Light.
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 10
While that lengthy post was quite fascinating it is flawed in that the Bible, or at least the old testament, is generally derived from Hebrew teachings. Satan, in Hebrew, means adversary, or to be opposed. This is where the meaning is derived from.

Sanskrit, being its own language, certainly possesses the words sat nam, which bears more than a passing resemblance to "Satan" as we know it these days. That is to say if you ignore the actual meaning and how it's actually pronounced.

Sat is the word that actually means truth. Nam means our highest identity. Two separate words. Not one.

Linguistically sure, they resemble each other. If you speak them quickly and kind of mumble.

Now, let's take a look at how they're written in their original languages.

Here's the Hebrew version.
http://www.numberman.net/Satan_Part_II.html (note the Hebrew Script at the top of the page)

That's the Sanskrit version.
http://yogauniversity108.com/learn-with-us/1875-2/ (The big image at the top of the page)

You could try like heck to stretch it, but those two words do not remotely resemble one another. So if this supposed conspiracy about Satan (in the Christian sense) meaning truth was rooted in poor translation, then you have somebody entirely confusing the languages nevermind the word.

Against, Hebrew is pronounced somewhat like this: STN

Sanskirt is pronounced like this : Sat nam. (granted, there are variations)

So again, any translation error is generally the result of stupidity, and not some grand conspiracy.

Hebrew and Sanskrit, while originating in the same areas, are quite different. The resemblance is superficial, and nothing close to the "truth" that you seek.

"Satanism" involving the search for the truth, in the Sanskrit form of the word, is derived from the five sacred sounds SA-TA-NA-MA. This is utilized in various mantras and in exploration of kundalini.

And yeah, sure, in there is the word Satan.

If you try hard.

And ignore the rest of the sounds.

The only place I've ever seen actually saying that the word Satan is wholly derived from Sanskrit are satanist websites.

Now, I'll give you that Christianity borrowed much from the ancient religions. But Judaism, from which the word Satan is derived, is just about as old as the rest of them, give or take.

Given that just about all of it started in the same area, with the Persians and the Egyptians and the Greeks and the Jews and the Hindus all influencing each other with their ideas, religions, and language... Of course they stole from one another. of course the religions resemble one another. It's not some grand conspiracy. It's not some marvelous revelation. It's the nature of mankind. It's how we interact, it's how our knowledge grows. And it's what you see in every interaction between various cultures for the entire history of mankind. They all had their adversaries. They all had their heroes.

But "Satanism" did not exist before the Hebrew concept. The sounds you are using to form the word Satan were never referred to as Satanism or Satan until modern Satanists adopted it to try to make their practice look more archaic and deeply rooted. They are separate vowel sounds that are only crammed together to form the word "Satan" so that spiritual satanists can pretend legitimacy.

If you're truly a seeker of truth, seek it. And I'd ditch the label you use to describe yourself as such, because the history used to explain it is a bold faced lie.
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