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Rune Poem

Forums ► Norse Paganism ► Rune Poem
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Rune Poem
By: / Beginner
Post # 1

So I wrote this poem describing the runes (I'm truly sorry if the format isn't in stanza format, it's meant to be. But I couldn't fix it on here. o.o)

Tell us, tell us,
what the runes of the old,
the ancient and the
lingering mean.
The man asks the hooded stranger.
The stranger cranks his head to the side
and lets his old know-how free
from his rusty gullet.
Where secrets of the old
the new
and the future lie
There are as many meanings
for the runes
then there as trees,
each more complex
and subtle then the one before,
and the one after!
Fehu is the
Wealth of the people
Both lack of,
And mass of,
It is forever here,
And forever gone
Uruz is the
Strength of the gods,
Strength of dwarves,
Strength of the men,
And more besides
Thurisaz is the eternal
Thorn in the side of all
Standing resilient and sharp
For all to lean against when
All is lost,
It bleeds the unnecessary out,
Leaving the subject
Better than ever!
Ansuz for those who
Speak words from one horse to another,
Telling lies,
all kinds of things,
As many things as there as every insect
in Yggdrasil,
every creature in the fine,
tall ash worldtree
For it is the messenger
Raidho is the
Weary traveler,
Who knows not
where his head will lie,
But knows his goal is fine and true,
and that he will reach is someday soon
Kenaz is for the
eternal fire of truths,
leaping ablaze in times of honesty,
and to embers at times of trickery,
but it always catches alight again
Gebo is the
Gift that is given wholeheartedly
Not for gain,
Not for debt,
but for heart
Woonjo is the
Joy of all things,
But it isnt given lightly,
for it requires balance at the end
Hagalaz is the
Ferocious hailstorm,
that strips all to the bone,
showing the true core
of the world under the barren wasteland,
but fret not!
For the world will grow anew
Naudhiz is
the need of all things,
it shows who belongs to who,
when you need something despite
true judgment,
and how these chains of needs
bind us so
Isa is the
Frozen ice,
It shows lack of movement,
But it also warns of a time,
when the ice will melt,
and things will flow once more
Jera is the
Cycle of all things,
it shows how things should be
Eihwaz shares with us
the tales of rebirth
and how,
even though something ends,
well come back once more
Perdhro is the
uncertainty behind the scenes,
making everything sudden,
random and
Algiz is the
Protection against those
who seek to do more than they should,
it causes little harm,
but its bark is hard
to ignore!
Sowilo is the
Light from the sun,
that banishes the dark,
Causes warmth in times of pain,
and suffering
but alas!
The light is fading once more,
as the sun can only keep the dark
at bay for so long
Teiwaz is
the spear of Tyr,
but also shows that not everything
is as bad as it seems
Berkanna is the
tree known as
this rune is of
and birth
Ehwaz is the
trusty steed,
easing the travel
but it also shows
to just let someone else take
a turn!
Mannaz is the
and shows how we may all be different,
but yet we are one,
as separate as we seem
Laguz is the
that flows gently from a river,
to a lake
Inguz is the one
to embrace us all,
just as a mother would
Dagaz is the
this one is particular,
why you ask?
For how this one makes sure things are
as they should be,
but lets in what should be,
and keeps out what should not
Oathala is the
one that makes sure
that we feel at home,
and that we get what is
indebted to us
So, now that Ive told my tale,
how about mead?
This parched tongue is to weary,
to speak anymore
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Re: Rune Poem
By: / Beginner
Post # 2

If the failed format bugs anyone, just mail me and I'll send it to you in proper format.

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Re: Rune Poem
Post # 3
Love it!
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Re: Rune Poem
By: / Beginner
Post # 4

Thank you. :D Want me to send you a mail with it in the proper format? It's not a problem. I have it saved on my laptop.

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Re: Rune Poem
Post # 5
If you want to, but it's not that big of a deal :)
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Re: Rune Poem
By: / Beginner
Post # 6
Okay :) Thank you for reading it.
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