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People dating on here?

Forums ► Comments ► People dating on here?
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People dating on here?
Post # 1
Anyone else get annoyed with how many people treat this site like it's a dating site? I'm starting to wonder how many people on here are actually pagans rather than just people desperate for a relationship. Are people really that desperate to date someone? This is a site for learning... not dating.

Re: People dating on here?
Post # 2
Haven't had that problem. I've had people chat with me a lot to get to know me but most of us are also in desire of friendships of some level with people who share this interest as it is hard to find practitioners in real life as many of us come from areas like mine where harsh Christianity rules. I can't really go out in public and express my magick practices. I wouldn't doubt if someone would eventually burn me at the stake.
My question for you is, do they actually ask you out or are they just trying to get to know you a little more than you are comfortable with? It may help that I am clearly married with kids too though.

Re: People dating on here?
Post # 3
I haven't had anyone ask me out (that would really creep me out, as for I don't even have a picture of me on this site). I've just seen a lot of people on here who ask each other out and flirt with each other. Paganism, for me, is about reconnecting with nature... not sitting at home on your computer 24/7. And the reason why I say this is because I'm really starting to notice that some people are on here all the time.

Re: People dating on here?
Post # 4
some people enjoy helping and teaching. some people are searching for something hard to find as I was today. Some of us may be looking to date? maybe? All I can say is that if you are on enough to notice others being on as much, how does that make you much different? and then why would you complain about a non-magick thing in a magick forum?

Re: People dating on here?
By: / Novice
Post # 5

I do understand the want to seek someone of similar religion and interests as I tend to prefer Pagans of any sort in both relationships and friendships but there are Pagan dating websites

Honestly in my opinion if you aren't old enough to sign up for those dating websites then you shouldn't be trying to use other websites as a dating website

Re: People dating on here?
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 6

Keep any such messages in your inbox and send me a mail about it. Because children use this website we report any solicitiation of minors to the FBI or other proper authority.

Re: People dating on here?
Post # 7
Take a trip to the rules and in black and white it says:

4. I understand that this is not a dating site and if I make any advanced or offers in the public chatter I will be gagged and the gag will not be removed. There are many older, disturbed people who will come to a website such as this to prey on teenage women. All dating requests should be sent to a moderator for your own protection.

Even though this says for public chatter, this is the site rules.

Re: People dating on here?
Post # 8
I never said anything about me being on here often, now did I? Don't try to grab information from a set of resources and try to create a new one from it. As for the reason I posted this topic here is because its about topics regarding this website, which this topic is about. It never said the discussion needed to be about magic, just about this site...

Re: People dating on here?
Post # 9
well what I have to say about it is that People who didnt come on this site to ask questions about magick or something similiar are just here to be here. If they use this site as a dating site is that is not aproprate to any of this. Like the moderators say report it because children use this site. We dont need perverted people who are only here to make a "dateing site" it was not made for that

Re: People dating on here?
Post # 10
I know right!

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