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element affinaty

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element affinaty
Post # 1
okay so i'm 15 years old. i don't know if i have an affinity or not but when i go outside and its very windy i feel something. it's like its calling me and cleanses me i dont know why i feel that way. It happens with water too. its not as much though. I feel in touch with it. i hate swimming and im terrified when i see it because i cant swim but when i touch it i feel as if maybe its part of me. with fire on a candle i want to touch it. i dont know if its because my room caught on fire and the fact i was drawn to it from the start. i had a feeling like these for almost everything.

for spirit it calms me deeply. I kinda play around with calling it to my friends when they are suicidal and all that or when they are having a tough time i say " spirit come to me. Please go to jessica and strengthen her" the next day shes happy she just says "i did nothing but sleep and i feel amazing." She wasnt sad her eyes actually sparkeled for the first time in 5 months at the time.

since i was little i played in dirt and talked to trees and even touched them. I felt sad when my little brother would break a branch off. i feel calm when i sit under a tree in some long grass and the winds breeze overpowering me kinda. i dont know if i have an affinity or whatever but if i do id really like to know how to learn to use it :) thanks

oh and i almost forgot. I worship Goddess nyx. when i pray to her asking if i have an affinity i feel the touch of air, fire, water, earth, and spirit. a little touch though like the breeze gets stronger after i pray even if there wasnt a breeze at all. it gets warmer but then gets colder. and i feel the touch of grass when theirs no grass around me...
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Re: element affinaty
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
The House Of Night series is great and all but its just fiction. If you want to learn more about magick you should look deeper into it and what it really is. Do some research or check out Newbie Central.
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Re: element affinaty
Post # 3
im not really sure if this is a question for help finding your elemental affinity or if you are boasting ?? I would say you need to do some research and meditate .. and your post sounds alot like Zoey from the House of Night series.
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Re: element affinaty
Post # 4
First people should realize that all elements are a part of us. It is the natural energy of the universe. You really don't even have to see a seperation. It could be one energy like the Force or something. But as to affinity you have to learn to scan deeper into yourself. Just because you recieve a peaceful feeling from it does not mean you are attuned to it. You could be attuned to nature and the feel of being outdoors. If you feel an energy increase from a certain element that might be a different story. I recomend that you spend time and meditate on each element. Listen to what it says to you and learn its powers. In my school of learning this is a requirment. Do one element a week. Or one a month. Gather symbols of that element like stones for the earth and so forth and work with them. See if they give you any added power or energy for things.
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