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Magick Symbols to go

Forums ► Spell Suggestions ► Magick Symbols to go
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Magick Symbols to go
Post # 1
Lately I've been working on many types of symbolic magick to achieve or create small miracles in my life as well as others in need. A true practitioner of the arts would no doubt be very keen and alert to their own environment. In fact, those who practice magick daily would be seeing the world around them in completely new light each day, attempting to make changes where change is necessary.

Which leads me to symbolic magickal spellwork.

Most if not all Magickal acts affect and react to everything and everyone around us. The mere act of finding my keys which leads me to opening a door will ultimately have my dog waiting for me and greeting me, but the catalyst was my keys otherwise my dog would just stare at me from inside looking out wondering if I lost them again.

Every act , it seems, is a magickal act.

I am causing real change around me magickally and/or mundane, but change never the less. Which brings me to another issue about Magickal Symbiotic relationships.

"...Symbiosis (from Ancient Greek "together" and "living") [1] is close and often long-term interaction between two or more different biological species. In 1877, Bennett used the word symbiosis (which previously had been used to depict people living together in community) to describe the mutualistic relationship in lichens. [2] In 1879, the German mycologist Heinrich Anton de Bary defined it as "the living together of unlike organisms." [3] [4] " from Wikipedia

Magickal Symbiosis is everywhere and for all time. There is no escaping it. Keep in mind I am not referring to Karma which appears to have taken a strange twist in magick practice (and a completely different post for that matter).

When you create and perform your spells you are affecting everything around you in a completely different way. The spell is not just bottled in that money spell but goes out into the world to make the change for everyone, not just you. It's like throwing out a bottle with a message unto the ocean for someone to find.

Which brings me to some ideas and concepts on "Magickal spells to go"

Here are some quick and effective methods to brings change through your magick.

1.) Create a living symbolic "Sigil" of your name. Yes1..your name has magick and power but how to use it is the key. Write your name in print on a piece of paper. Use large letters and cross out any repeating letters like double LL or MM etc.
You are then left with a few letters which you will now "truncate" (meaning you will breakdown each letter into simple geometric shapes like lines squares triangles etc).

Begin to put these lines and shapes into a new "sigil (a Sigil is a symbol representation of an idea or concept. In magickal lore they were used to attract spirits to do your bidding). Often times, what you are left with is either a very ornate symbol of "you" or you may need to further truncate the name to make it a bit appealing.


" X A V I E R "

this seems ok but what about

" H A R R I S "


" H A I S "

2.) Write in printed letters what you want your "spell" to accomplish. This should be in one whole sentence and not in several paragraphs. If you could use one word to represent the outcome then great - even better.

Do the same for your spell. Truncate all the letters. Additionally you should also remove/cross out words that have no meaning for your new symbol such as:


So here we could reduce all this to...

"I W OBT N C "

and further reduction to....

" I W N C "

these four letters would work great.

You would then create your Sigils on a piece of paper. As you write and draw them, think and visualize your intention. "feel" the outcome of your desire.

3.) Now fold the paper four times over (or use your numerology/Gematria etc)
4.) Past the paper over a candle flame without burning it. Hold your hand steady - Now state with a firm voice " I now bring to life these images to complete the task written within".
5.) Hide your new sigil somewhere that could be taken with you wherever you go. Do not show nor tell anyone about it...ever...

Some have asked me if this procedure could be used within a smartphone. Of course you can!...use an iPhone, blackberry,iPad etc....all you need to do is follow the same as above but you will create it on a MAC or PC (if your good at drawing on a tablet or working with a drawing application). You would then transfer the JPEG or BMP unto your phones folder.

Happy Friday everyone and keep being creative with your magick


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Re: Magick Symbols to go
Post # 2
I am in awe of your email. I am a new beginner. I read a lot...have not tried any spells yet. You give such beautiful words of wisdom and knowledge to the craft. I seek to learn more. I have some talents...but they need to be sharpened. Syv
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Re: Magick Symbols to go
Post # 3
Thanx for the compliment :)

I love writing in forums particularly to help out those in need of any information I might have to help out.

Im thinking about posting an essay on how to magickally enhance yourself through simple rituals. Mind and body are always linked so performing rituals brings you closer to who you really are.

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Re: Magick Symbols to go
Post # 4
Very nice thread bloodroot. I have implemented my own sigil for over 20 years now... I started when I was about 12-13yrs old. I didn't exactly know WHY I felt the need to make one but I knew it was important and powerful. It has served me well over the years as well as the other symbols I have created in a similar fashion. I later read about this process and wondered how I could have known to do this by myself at such an early age in a Christan household that never spoke about magic. It just strengthened my belief that there was a universal truth and a way that we can tap into it. Most folks just see symbols as a form of art and light hearted symbolism, but its so much more in so many different ways. Thanks for sharing this for others to learn from. Its nice to see there is another with similar processes.

I would just like to add that once you make a symbol there are a multitude of different ways to implement and incorporate them into magical working as well as a few different beliefs as to how to treat them. Some believe that you should make it so that its not obvious in any way to decipher and once you make one its best to keep it out of sight and forget the meaning behind it. Then there is the thought that it is best to remember what it means, keep it in a spot where you see it often and use it in magical workings. You can write/draw it out in a spell a number of times, etch it into your tools, write it on things to carry with you and anything else you can think of that feels powerful. You can really get creative and its a very efficient, quick and powerful tool you can do anywhere at any time.

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