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Sending out your energy

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Sending out your energy
Post # 1
I have developed my own way that I generally "send out" my will or energy and was wondering if any of you had developed your own way that seems to work really well for you as well?

I also want to share my method for a number of reasons: so others can try it, because it works really well for me, it has merit in regards to being scientifically benefital to health and happiness, it is very simular to what happens when monks are in a deep meditational state, you get instant gratification and can get a physical affirmation with vibrations that your energy is going out to work for you (the more intense the stronger it will be, the longer it lasts, the longer the duration it will work).

Its hard to explain how to do it but I will try. I'm not even certain if many people can even do it. I read about this study they had on Tibetan Monks and how their brain would secrete a fluid down their spine when they were in a deep spiritual meditation. I remembered that I had felt things at times like what I imagined it would feel like to the monks. So I began practicing how to do it whenever I wanted to and have mastered it. What I do is draw my thoughts, energy and visualize what I want to send out... I tense up my mind pulling all the energy from my soul, heart area, bring it all up to my head to mix with my will and release the part of my brain that attaches to the top of my spine. After that there is a nice, strong vibration that shoots down my spine and out of my heart chakra. The energy is VERY powerful (its a very happy, satisfying and physical energy... like your mind is having an orgasm and pushing it down your spine, through your heart chakra and into the universe!) can go anywhere and vibrates pretty hard. I think I get a huge amount of power from this technique. Its the reason that I can do visualizations and they are as powerful as big high magic spells... its so powerful I don't need to cast many spells. I also use it as a divination tool as well and seems to work very well.

OK... I know it must be hard to understand but thats the best I can explain it. I use it to gain more energy, heal myself, feel happier and center myself among other things.

What do you think of my technique and what do you do to send out your energy, will or spell?
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Re: Sending out your energy
Post # 2
Ive read the search for shangrala and thats how he teaches you how to do it another tecnique when communicating your will and emotions with animals mainly horses is to remain congruent with your own emotions which means dont hide how you truelly feel and comunicate your will with the horses will is simular but instead of projecting your will thru your heart chakra you project thru your third eye the horse will also communicate with you that way so you know what his intent is befor it happens. remember that they are also free thinkibg intelligent animals
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Re: Sending out your energy
Post # 3
That's very interesting, xmiakodax, thanks for sharing that with me. I have never read that book but its cool that someone else uses the same method... and for something so wonderful too :)

I have always had a good relationship with animals so maybe that's why? Maybe I will try to work with them more and see how much I could accomplish incorporating that method somehow?

Sending out your energy at the end of a spell is very important, I'm surprised more people haven't commented or asked questions more.

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