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live plants in spells

Forums ► Site Spells Discussion ► live plants in spells
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live plants in spells
Post # 1
This might sound a little strange, but does anyone know of a type of spell casting that uses live plants as the link to the target of a spell? I have reason to believe that spells are being cast to bind or stifle my efforts to do everyday things. It's a long story, to long to put on here. I believe the person using this learned it from their grandmother and I know this person is a practitioner. I would appreciate any information. Blessed Be.
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Re: live plants in spells
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
I do use live plants in my work. I ask for their help usually, they are rarely the subject of a working.
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Re: live plants in spells
Post # 3
PeyoteCoyote, Thanks for your reply. I think it's unusual too, and I'm not sure that is what is being used. It came to me one day while I was trying to figure out what was going on. I figured that I would ask people more knowledgeable than myself. Blessed Be
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Re: live plants in spells
Post # 4
Some people use reiki to heal plants as well as using Plants to ground or access to the Vaetirr/Nature spirits. You can look in many cultures to see plants play a role in magick. Some more than others.
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Re: live plants in spells
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
No problem, and another thought. A friend of mine inspired me to sing to my plants, so i've been whistling a tune or humming a song while i water for good energy.
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Re: live plants in spells
Post # 6
Well, I wouldn't worry about a person binding you, as long as you are doing nothing wrong to the person and not attacking them then the binding spell won't harm you. Most binding spells only work on a person if they are attacking a person. Yes a tree demon named a leshii demon can bind you if they have cursed you with it and it can bind you if you are attacking them. But as long as you leave them alone the spell won't harm you. But if you are concerned about it I suggest you break the spell through a break a spell or break a curse spell. That should work, just make a spell to break the curse or to banish it and it should help you. But there are other spells that work with plants that are good white magick spells such as if you find a apple and you cut it in half and if the two or one half of the apple has a star in the middle you can make a wish and put the apple outside and let it decompose outside and when you do that your wish will be carried off into the wind and your wish will come true. Also if you take pine needles off of a tree and say " Pine needles protect me" the spirit of the pine tree will protect you through the pine needles, the pine needles will become spiritual where you walk and if someone follows you or if you put pine needles on the floor your floor if evil people decide to walk in your room or house. Also putting acorns on your windows will protect you, or putting garlic on your windows and front doorways and doorways will protect you, the secret to that is if you say " acorns protect my windows" or if you use garlic you say " may the symbol of the heart protect me" the garlic will protect you from evil people and evil spirits. And there is a health spell that uses lavender and garlic to make you healthier or not sick, and a lot of kitchen witchcraft uses spices and herbs to preform spells, also a wish spell uses a leaf, when you write your wish on it and you let it get be blown into the wind it will full fill your wish when a spirit finds your leaf. So yeah a lot of spells uses live plants or herbs or fruit. But if someone is cursing you just break the spell and or banish it, that's the way to go. And if you think the person has a problem with you I suggest you talk to them first, because who knows it could be something else attacking you, but I would break the spell just as a precaution and whatnot. Breaking spells or curses are easy to do, sometimes with a use of a spirit or god and with your own power " gods break the spell" or if you make a spell to break a spell it can be just as effective. That's what I do when I sense someone is cursing me. Anyways got to go. Blessed be!
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Re: live plants in spells
Post # 7
brad123, thanks for taking the time to respond to my post. You have brought some good points to my attention. One thing you said about it being possible that someone else is attacking me. You are correct about that. this person is controlled by a spirit. I know this because when this person is just talking snobbish comments and voicing hatred which is almost constant, If I either come into the room with a recording device on and in my pocket or go to another room and turn it on and come back, this person stops talking completely. They have no way to know that I have it on but it always works. Like I said it is a long story. I have done nothing to this person and I have talked to this person about it but they will not talk. This person perceives my existence as harm to them. As I am trying to talk about this maybe the thing I need to do is see about getting this controlling spirit to cross over move on. Thank you very much, I will stop this without doing harm. Blessed be
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Re: live plants in spells
Post # 8
IndigoHealer, thanks for responding. Reiki is something I plan to learn about. I have heard a lot about it. I remember years ago when studies were coming out telling about results when playing music to plants. Blessed be.
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Re: live plants in spells
Post # 9
Hmm... For some reason this possession of minds, bodies, spirits, and souls has been a epidemic lately, I think we should isolate and quarantine this belief that people have to become possessed in order to have power or to curse and spread evil, I know exactly where this curse began, it actually where I live, a person of the name James Valentine has been convincing everyone that they need to become possessed in order to become more powerful, but there's another source, I do not know the person that started it in the beginning, but he made it famous and he and his cult have been going around astral projecting everywhere and using a thing called "soul magick" in order to curse everyone and to make people go in misery and torment. Now what I think we should do is put binding spells upon him and we shouldn't necessarily curse him, but the only spells I would do on him is a binding spell and cat caught your tongue spell. And the reason why he did this was because I saw him go up to a kid and say " You want to fight" he meant physically of course and I was kind of sad for the kid because he looked like he was scared and a gentle soul, then the kid said this " How about you fight spiritually instead of physically...?" then he said " fine I will" and his sister begged him to not do it but she said to the kid " Well, great! Now he's going to do it!" then I went over to see if his feeling were all right. Then I asked him " Why did you say fight spiritually?" and he said " Because I didn't want to get into a fight with him" then James soddenly started going on a spiritual rampage, which he's still doing it which I wish his bitterness would will stop some day, I see his demons walking everywhere talking with his voice, I see James using energy manipulation not in self defense but instead using it to cause harm to a lot of people, and now every single day I see someone in misery, and every single day I see people talking out loud because his demons talk to people in their heads, he's roaming every part of the city I live in through astral projection, I see it with my aura vision, and he tricks people if they see his demons roaming around he just says " I am just protecting my neighborhood and this city" but in reality he's speaking into every single person head through demons or copies of his astral self. And believe me the energy, hate, and anger in this city has gone way over board and filled with evil. So I think people should bind him. And I know for a fact him or his brothers has been on here. Don't tell me how, but I know. But I don't need to call out names or whatever, I just think we should quarantine his spiritual rampage upon my city by binding his powers, and if not that we should bind his tongue and any other peoples tongues that wishes to become possessed so that they can torment people every moment of every day, I say we should stop it by binding their tongues and binding them, and if we have to curse them as a last resort then we should do that too. Anyways that's all. Blessed be!
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Re: live plants in spells
Post # 10
Here is something new I ran across the other day about using plants in spells. I was reading a book by Cassandra Eason, she mentioned when doing a spell for money or wealth of some kind you could plant basil seeds as part of the spell as a way to create a gradual increase in income. I thought it was interesting. It isn't attached to the target but used as a way to regulate the manifestation of the goal. It's not the same use as my original post of inquiry but it is the first reference I have seen about using living plants in spells. comments welcome.
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