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Questioning Atheism?

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Questioning Atheism?
Post # 1
Ive been an athiest for a very long time, but lately ive been desperately wishing, for something to believe in. I feel unhappy that I cant change the way things are and want someone or thing to fall back on. But at the same time, I am someone of science and don't know if I could bring myself to believe anything but fact. Does anyone have advice or know a way to incorporate religion into science? Btw, I am leaning towards heathenism or something similar, not Christianity
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Re: Questioning Atheism?
Post # 2

Not *proven fact. With science, as of today, we cannot measure energy that is not physical. You can be of any faith and not have it clash with science as long as you understand that Magick (which is rooted in the subtle planes) does not actually change the physical plane; it influences it, You see, there is a theory that all planes of existences are templates for one another, so if one affects change on a subtle level, it can influence change on planes of existence that are more dense than it.

Take the theory of physical, etheric, and astral planes. The etheric plane is the template for the physical, and the astral the template for the etheric. Affect change on the astral, and it can congruently effect the etheric and physical. Now, for something to happen in the physical plane, there needs to be physical energy present. This is why Magick, spirituality, religion, or faith does not alter the physical plane. The theory of templates goes by other names and it really can be applied to at least most paths.

Given all of that, there are actually many faiths that can be science friendly. However, a lot of it will involve working with your subconscious and instincts, as subtle energy cannot be properly understood by mathmatical, analytical, linear, and logical terms (though there are practices that involve all of those adjectives). You will be going with what you feel is right at your core.

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Re: Questioning Atheism?
By: / Novice
Post # 3

You do realize you CAN be atheistic and religious? Many religions don't believe in a deity such as LaVeyen Satanism is atheistic so you don't have to believe in a god/dess to be religious

I have a friend who who is a complete atheist but he still believes in little bits here and there from many religions but he just says he finds the existance of an after life or god a bit silly

However if you really want to give Heathenism a chance then the Norse Paganism part of the forum is a great place to get started because there's quite a bit of info there

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Re: Questioning Atheism?
Post # 4
Belief is what you FEEL is right to you. I can appreciate your point of view because I feel I am a pretty scientific person as well. I have read quite a bit about quantum physics/mechanics and it might interest/help you to read up on some of the latest findings and popular theories. Basically many of the scientists have a theory that there are 11 dimensions (or more), the very smallest building blocks at their core are in a chaotic state and very much unpredictable, there are particles that can be there one second and gone the next or be at two places at once or even be everywhere all at once! Some also theroize that particles can move from one dimension to another and there was a experiment done in that strongly suggest/proves that a beam of electrons act differently when being "observed." Think about the impact that has for a moment... just observing a beam of electrons changes their behavior! (Read: http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/1998/02/980227055013.htm). We arent talking about using the power of mind even, just being there and changes the physics of what they should be doing! The more scientists delve deeper into the basic properties of everything (including and especially energy), the more bizzar it is and the more it seems like many religions' hidden scientific properties seem to be more likely than what the science community has believed all along. Its my belief that science, religion (to a point, in its hidden meanings) and magic are all the same thing... but science just hasn't caught up yet.

I would also suggest reading up on noetic science and see if any of the theories feels right to you. I have read/studied (and continue to study) many sciences, religions, what we in the magic community call "paths", theories (like, religous, scientific, conspiracy, the ancient alien theory among others) and anything else that feels true or that may hold some truth in it.

Read up on ancient texts such as religious books and ancient beliefs and translate the hidden meanings and accounts to modern sciences and keep your mind open. Remember that the ancient people didn't have ways to describe things in terms like we can now in our modern scientific world. Compare what nearly all religions and beliefs agree on like meditation/prayer, knowing thyself and connecting with God/The Devine Energy, etc. within yourself. That's how I got back into magic.

Think back to when you were young and had yet to be influenced by others' beliefs... or lack there of. Can you remember a time when you felt you could do things that was unexplainable? I have always known I could do things that most people have been told was impossible and so I have kept my own thoughts on things and learned to think for myself. There was a period of time where things went pretty bad for me, I lost my belief in everything, got depressed, decided that life just kinda sucked and there was nothing more than live, struggle and die. I then started to study all of the above topics, kept my mind open and made up my own mind as to what I believe, what makes sense to me and what just "feels right." I continue to keep my mind open, study and learn.

If you think about it logically (which I would guess you do) you can start to understand why those that want to take advantage of such knowledge would campaign against others believing/learning about it and keep everyone from knowing they have power to manifest a better path and connect with all energies. You will see why we are fed all of these simple lies about how its absurd to think you can affect things around you, connect with energies or not live with the fear of sin along with everything else that keeps you from knowing how powerful and great you are.

Just start reading about a couple of the above topics and you will start to open up and FEEL what is true. For a while I was very much in the same mindset as you but I felt a pull to investigate certain ideas and beliefs so that I could find the truth. I had been into science and once I learned just how much science doesn't know and how crazy it is, the more I looked into other areas that seemed to say similar things... which were certain religions, beliefs and magic. I am certain that there is much more than what meets the eye and nobody can change my mind about it! I feel I have a pretty good grasp on how most energies connect and work but I admit there is still much more that I have to learn... and I'm okay with that.

I know I have rambled on a little but I feel that you will definitely find your path and something to believe in if you just start researching things with an open mind.... I did, and I am one of the mostor the most scientific, analytical and logic based persons I know! Once you get started and open your mind to the possibilities you will see that there is more evidence that this reality that we live in is SO MUCH more complicated, magical and spiritual than what you could dream of. And the more you try to prove it wrong, the more it proves its even more crazy and wonderful.

I hope I helped more than hurt (or bored) you :) The truth is out there, you just have to open you mind and go looking for it!

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Re: Questioning Atheism?
Post # 5

One does not have to believe in or worship divinity to believe in something more than just the physical plane. However, one cannot be religious and atheist; that is spiritual and atheist. The definition of religion is a set of beliefs and practices pertaining to divinity. Here are good questions for anyone, though; what is divinity? What makes an entity or energy divine? What excepts them from being divine?

Divinity is one thing, but you seem to be questioning more than that. You seem to be questioning the idea of science and the physical plane being the only thing there is.

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Re: Questioning Atheism?
Post # 6
It was my understanding the Auburina is looking for a way to have hope by believing that this world is more that what is seen thru sun Atheists' eyes. I sense she has felt there is more than what she has been lead to believe (either by the influences of those around her or simply by her own mind) and is starting her journey. Its my belief that she isn't trying to compare, choose or combine Atheism, religion and science but that she is just seeking hope and the ability to be able to believe there is more to life in a way that her mind will accept the concepts so her heart can proceed in finding the feeling it is wanting to experience. Its a difficult life when your heart wants to feel things but your mind won't let you... and unless you have experienced the fight and imbalance that happens, its hard to realize just how difficult living like that can be! I've been there... it sucks. Auburnia, please correct me if I'm wrong... What she is seeking is facts that can suggest enough solid, quantifiable information that will allow her mind to accept a hypothesis believable enough so she can find hope and something to believe in that will make her life so much more enjoyable, meaningful and not feel so lost and empty.

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Re: Questioning Atheism?
By: / Novice
Post # 7
I wouldn't say incorporate religion into science, rather incorporate faith into life. You do not need organized religion in order to obtain a healthy sense of purpose in life, or a positive outlook about grief and death, or a chance to help others. You just have to deal with these issues in a rational way rather than leaving everything to a higher being. And surround yourself with like-minded people that too have been struggling with the same questions and problems as you and have come up with creative solutions. Believe in yourself.
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Re: Questioning Atheism?
Post # 8

When I use the term religion, I refer to a set of faiths and practices that pertain to divinity. I don't mean it as using science while going to church. One can be religious without attending functions of 'organized religion' (which I honestly don't get all of the hype and hatred for it, but that's a personal view of mine). If one understands their religion and understands science, there is no reason not to mix the two unless someone does not want to. One just has to keep in mind that the view is not science vs. religion; rather, it is that science holds domain over the physical and and Magick/religion/spirituality has it's roots in the subtle. Some view it as the two working together and others even consider it different aspects or manifestations of the same thing.

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Re: Questioning Atheism?
Post # 9
I was agnostic until I attuned myself with my spiritual body and the spiritual world, also opened my 3rd eye.
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