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A Basic Guide

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A Basic Guide
Post # 1

* Why ''carn't'' i meditate?

Just to tell you the truth, the words ''i carn't'' don't exist when it comes to meditation because everone has the ability to meditate!. Every single person has meditated but they have not even noticed they was doing it.

In my opinion, i think people give up after there first try because they can not be bothered and have negative thoughts when it comes to meditation. Well, you are not going to be able to get into a meditative state on your first try are you? no, it takes practise and patience.

''i can not meditate'' Yes you can!. People who say 'i carn't meditate' have usually fallen victim to a misconception about what meditation really is. they just need to to ask themseleves if they are dedicated enough to stick to it or not?

* What is meditation used for?

Meditation can be used for lots of things, here is a list of things what i use meditation for. well atleast try and do!

  • Calm myself down/relax.
  • Connect to my spirit guides.
  • try and get a better connection to the spirit world.
  • i meditate to get a better connection to my sub-conscious.
  • open my third eye.
  • get rid of of negative energy.

So, meditate on what you want to meditate on, there are many of things... its your pick at the end of the day.

*The Chakras

Many consider them deeply important to magical practice as they provide for us a rather clear understanding of both our physical, mental, and spiritual state. i also think that it gives us a boost when we do our other practices.

If you take time to simply meditate upon the chakras, observing them within your practice as you go through daily life, you will observe changes within the flow of your energy rooted within your mood. it's a process and it can not be rushed. * BE PATIENT*


you must understand, witchcraft is not a game, you can get hurt while doing it, you must dedicate yourself to it and not use it for fun, it can be fun when casting spell, but when you casting the spells you must cast it for a valid reason.

you must not mess around at all because you know what they say " what go around comes around" and what i mean by saying that if you do something bad its going to come back at you and smack you in the face 2x harder.

*Why your spells dont work

Are you expereince enough? this can happen to many people, you need to be expereinced enough with the basics to be able to cast a spell, you can not cast a spell without the basics. they are needed throughout your magickal journey! you can not stop doing them.

* Do you know what you're doing?

Take time and ask yourself do you know what your doing? do you know how to cast it? do you have what you need? think about them questions and answer them.

If you feel you're not ready yet, then there's nothing wrong with that at all. Just take the time to do what needs to be done and then you can get back to your spellcraft once you're feel you're ready to handle something like that, some people just dont know what they are doing at the moment. like they are lost,struggling to understand etc...

Yep, that's all for now, thanks for taking your time to read this.

Got to give credit to Hollabaluru for helping me with this!


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Re: A Basic Guide
Post # 2

This demonstrates a good understanding of the beginning of practicing. I like the way you highlight how destructive negative attitude is. I also like the way you credited your friend, Holla, for helping you :D

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Re: A Basic Guide
Post # 3

Thankyou for the feedback! i just hope people take time to read this.


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Re: A Basic Guide
Post # 4
That doesn't help very much.I never learned the basics but my magic used to work.what are the basics?

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Re: A Basic Guide
Post # 5

The basics, as known on SoM, are practices that can be found or used in any practice. They are often considered the fundementals of practicing Magick, though not all are (hence the first definition). No post on SoM has all of the basics, which is why looking into each one is good for a beginner. Research and understanding is what you're going to want.

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