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Love Spell: A Story

Forums ► Other Spells Discussion ► Love Spell: A Story
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Love Spell: A Story
Post # 1
I looked around the forum and wasn't really sure where exactly to post this, but I figured non-site spells would be best. So here's how it started. Back in high school a year or two ago there was this boy... I thought he was so cute, he was tall, handsome, and played sports (the whole package). The only bad thing was that he was a bit of a meat head, (but hey!) the ones that are silly and a total man are my type.

I first saw him around school the year before that, and we always exchanged glimpses at each other in the hallway. Speed it up a year, and we have class together. I had a minor crush on him. Often, he'd walk in to class late and give no cares (only making my crush on him stronger, as I like boys who are a bit on the wild side). There was some mystery to him as well.

He started to pop up in my mind more and more everyday as my infatuation for him grew within me. May I remind you, at this point it was a simple crush. One day I figured I'd do a binding spell so that we could go out or something (looking back it was very foolish and childish, as you'll soon find out). It DEFINITELY WAS NOT a smart idea. He ended up being moved directly in front of me, and then behind me in class. It was pretty awesome knowing that the universe was bending and shaping to fit my will. But of course, that's always the thing... Free will.

His will was VERY strong, as I was never able to fully break it, and for that I'm happy and EXTREMELY grateful. As I said, it was going "according to plan", and he would also start to notice me more. I didn't realize it but I became so obsessed with him... I did so many more black magick spells than I could care to honestly remember. It was so crazy, and I was in WAYYYY to deep.

As you know, there is the threefold law or karma. I was so naive and foolish that I even posted a Facebook status stating I was upset that "my crush in front of me got moved", thus pointing out the obvious when other kids (who I didn't even knew had access to my Facebook)saw the status. By the end of class that day, everyone was whispering and looking at me. With my senses being heightened (through meditation and such), my gut and minds eye were clearly telling me it was about me, and it was.

At this point, everyone knew I had liked him. Coincidence? No, KARMA. I was so upset, so enraged... The next day someone passed around a fake love note from me and him... I was even more embarrassed. I cussed some people out, made a scene and stormed off and got permission to go home. Thank the Lord and Lady that they never actually found out I was using magick of any sort, or it could have been worst.

Enraged with embarrassment, I searched and searched for a legitimate revenge spell, and I had found one. It was pretty crazy, I recited the spell, and inserted names where they needed to be, and bam... It was done. I felt so gross with all the black energy I had just used, but emotions cloud judgement sometimes. The next day my crush wasn't in school, and it'd stay that way for about 2-3 weeks. I eventually found out that after he wasn't at school for a week, he had asked to be transferred out.

The spell had worked, and I was happy. He was out of my way, and I didn't have to deal with seeing him. My brother who is also a Witch, suggested I do a chord magick binding of myself away from him in order to break it. It worked. I felt so relieved and realized all of the horrible things I had done. I broke every spell I put on him, and it took so much energy from me to do that. I am so sorry for all the trouble I put him through, and all of this was caused by me and was my fault...

They say love is blind, and it sure as heck is. I was very much blinded by what I thought he was, and what I thought he could be. Yea, there's times where he pops in my mind again, but I'm better now, and that negative energy is no longer with me, nor do I have desire for him, or to cast anything on him.

Sorry for the long post, but please take this as a warning that black magick and love spells in general on people, are certainly not worth it. Please comment if you've gone through something similar or have any questions.

Blessed be. )O(
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Re: Love Spell: A Story
Post # 2
wow thats quite a story. its funny somtimes how much it takes to learn a lesson.
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Re: Love Spell: A Story
Post # 3
It really is... Thank you for taking time to read it.
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Re: Love Spell: A Story
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
Are you gay? im ok if you are its just that your from maryland and.... Well people around there tend to be racist and im european so take my judgement like a grain of sand
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Re: Love Spell: A Story
Post # 5
Ya i know how you feek to a t tbh there this guy at my church tall cute jocky jet black hair abd light green eyes and i been trying to find love spells since more then likey he is not into boys xc that how i came here xD i was looking for a spell to curse a note with thoghts of me. But no such luck
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