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I'm new and I need help!!

Forums ► Misc Topics ► I'm new and I need help!!
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I'm new and I need help!!
Post # 1
Ok so I'm Cayla and I have been on this website for many reasons from spells info to astral projection, etc. But I have recently joined cuz I have a situation I'm hoping someone can help me with. I am a new witch. I have finally been able to openly practice since moving in with my bf and his family is full of supernaturalists. So we just work good together. Ever sense I moved in I have become much more stronger and become more intuned with the spirits that surround the hill we live on. ( I have seen them on occasion). One night I was fire scrying and I saw ppl and we'll the details aren't important. What is important is that after that night I began seeing other things connected to what I saw. A man has been manifesting himself to me. I know his name. And I have seen him in the dreams that I have been having lately. What I later learned was that I was seeing a past life of both me and my bf. this man was someone we both knew in the Middle Ages. Today.....my bf called me while I was at work and said that a woman spirit attacked him in the shower and called him Nicholas. My bfs name is Sam. He didn't know this but I knew that our past life names were Adrian and Nicholas. Wtf is going on? Anybody got any insight that might help explain what's going on?
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Re: I'm new and I need help!!
Post # 2
Well, first off, I am going to recommend calming down, after completely reading, and re-reading this, it has come to my understanding that you've found a piece if your past life. What I find peculiar though is the spirits and what not. If the two of you knew each other in a past life, how did it end up? If poorly, the manifestation of the woman spirit could be coming back to exact a revenge (all too common in human history, man cheats on woman, woman wants revenge). However, she wouldn't just appear out of the blue. She would have to know that Sam was with you.

This leads me to believe that she is following you, and may need your help. "Help" in this case, means to help her in letting go if something that happened 500 or so years ago. I would suggest finding her and trying to communicate. Ask her what happened, and see if you can render aid. Also see if you can get her to stop attacking your boyfriend. Once all is said and done, you should be in the clear. (And no, this isn't a plot from Ghost Whisperer.)
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Re: I'm new and I need help!!
Post # 3
I don't want to make this very long.The short of your story you can sort our problem out with soul travel.Mail me if you want more
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