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Protection Spells

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Protection Spells
Post # 1
I don't know what category this would go in, so
I'm sorry in advance if I'm wrong. Anyway, my friend is having problems with hellhounds. She's seen two, and now she sees them everywhere (but it seems like she's hallucinating. I never see them) I need a protection spell I can do on someone else. One that doesn't require candles or incense would be preferable, but I'll make do with anything. Thank you in advance and blessed be!
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Re: Protection Spells
Post # 2
You mean those scary black dogs with yellow or Red eyes known to guard the gate of hell and hunt the souls and pretty ugly scary and invisible dogs ??? Never heard of them Lol XD it's said 3 times you watch the eyes of hellhound and you x_x... But I don't know about them maybe your friends is sick may be a spirit playing with your friend may be really he see That I don't think so..But you may try Mother Hecate for protection from any type of hounds or Goddess Hel it is also believed that encountering them is a sign of imminent death. Urban legend tells that Robert Johnson, a famous urban blues singer, did a deal with the Devil at the crossroads in Clarksdale Mississippi. Apparently, the Devil made him a star in return for his soul, which the Hellhounds later collected. He died aged just 27! Some of the songs he sang included “Crossroads”, “Hellhound on my trail” and “Me and the devil blues”....All the best to your friend it he saying truth Blessed be :-)
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Re: Protection Spells
Post # 3
If you're looking into a protection spell or charm, there are several things you can do. Probably one of the easiest options would be to enchant an object the person wears frequently so that it will act as a protective device. There are many plants that can be used as a tincture or infusion to soak the item in. I personally prefer black snake root, but something else may appeal to you more.
Or, you can make something for them that has a protective symbol drawn into it, or etched, etc. There are many protective symbols, from many different cultures in the world. Choosing one you like best and then taking a photograph of her, drawing the symbol on the back, and keeping the photo in a safe place should do the trick.
Something else that is said to banish demonic entities are a few simple hand motions. Both of these are said to be the creations of the Ancient Greeks, but they could as easily have originated in Sumeria, Babylon, or Egypt. The first one goes like this: cross your index and middle finger and hold them in front of your chest, then thrust your hand out forward, keeping the fingers crossed. The second is this: make a fist, then extend the pinkie and index fingers out again. Hold your fist so that the fingers extend horizontally. Keep the hand in front of your chest then thrust outwards, maintaining the "bull head" shape.
Good luck in your endeavors!
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