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Help on somethings

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Help on somethings
Post # 1
I believe in magic, I really do and I love learning other cultures but is it possible to apply my christianity to the magic? For instance is it possible to instead call upon the powers of other gods, just call upon the powers of angels or the holy spirit?

Next I have read some forums about transformation and many of you say I can't change my DNA it makes sense, so does that mean all the transformation spells are false?

I have also had this really long need ever since I was young to fly. To just soar above the sky, the want is so great it actually hurts. What does this mean? and does it mean since I can't change my DNA I will never be able to fly?

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Re: Help on somethings
By: / Beginner
Post # 2

For your first question: Of course you can, no one is stopping you...but you shouldn't curse someone while praying to Jesus or the Holy Spirit...

When you pray, you attract the energy of that being. It isn't vital to pray to that god/goddess, you should pray in what you are most attune to and in which you find the most easiest to believe in. If you wish, let's say a healing spell, you don't actually must pray to the god of medicine Asclepius or any other. You could pray to the Archangel Rafael or to the Holy Spirit. It'll have the same effect, even bigger because you'll feel better and believe more.

Second question: You can't actually change your body. That'd broke a huge amount of rules. Humans are humans. We can train ourselves and ask for help to advance in the spiritual path to a huge level(but this would mean a work harder even for Hercules, but not impossible) and to pass the level of humanity, to become one with the universal conscious forever.

Transformation spells aren't true.

For your third: It could means quite some things. It could mean your wish to be free, to experience things without boundaries or fears or even that your attune with the element of air or spirit or that your totem animal is a bird. If you train in lucid dreaming/astral projection, you can fly with your spirit but it isn't easy. You can also enter in meditation and ask for this and if you manage to calm your mind to enter in Samadhi, congratulations; you wouldn't only know the feeling of flying but you'll also change in better, you'll know yourself better, the God, etc.

If I am wrong about something, I'll say from now that I'm sorry.

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Re: Help on somethings
Post # 3
No it was very helpful! I don't plan on cursing anybody. that is just wrong, no matter how much someone does wrong to me, it doesn't make it right for me to curse them. It might have been a simple misunderstanding.

I just want some more confirmation on the flying. I see flying spells so those are not true as well? Just trying to get the gist of it. You may be right about my totem being a bird. The actual need to fly is really overpowering but I might try your meditation thing.
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Re: Help on somethings
By: / Novice
Post # 4
Christanity is one of the most magical religions. Unfotunately it is limited by most Christians limiting beliefs of magic. I would suggest some of the newer versions of the Qabalah, especially those that have been Christanized. (Did I just make a new word?) Also, take a look into some of the books that are not part of the standard bible such as the Apcrophia, the Nag Hammad library, the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Gnostic sciptures.



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Re: Help on somethings
Post # 5
Ok thanks very much! I will try to do that!
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