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Any Spell Suggestions??

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Any Spell Suggestions??
Post # 1
Hey everyonen, i could really do with some spell suggestions. I want to help one of my friends out and take away their emotional pain but i dont know any spells for that. Can you help me out? This friend used to be really nice and sweet and outgoing..basicly happy but now is dark and depressed. Plz help me out with a couple of spells? thx!
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Re: Any Spell Suggestions??
Post # 2
I think you should change what you are saying. As weird as that sounds, I think you should focus on your friend, rather than on using magic to help them.

Magic can only do so much; it isn't intended to be directly done. Magic is a subtle art, it is a practice that involves energy, and because of this is not straightforward. So, yes, it can assist your friend, but it won't change them from the person they are now, back into the friend you knew.

If your friend is hurting, depressed, and lonely, I would try to spend some more time with them. Sit down and have a personal talk with them. Let them know you care about them, that you are there for them to talk to, that you will help them carry themselves.

And know, sometimes you can't help everyone. I went through a few dark times when no one but my own self could keep me from falling apart. And I've been through several times when all it takes is a friend telling me they are there, even if I don't need them.

I hope this helps hun.
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Re: Any Spell Suggestions??
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
This thread has been moved to Spell Suggestions from Other Paths.
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Re: Any Spell Suggestions??
Post # 4
Kebs is right - magic isn't really the answer here, so much as a little TLC is. Depression, at its core, is a medical illness. While being in a doctor's care is the best bet for recovery, a holistic health care perspective might include attending to your friend's physical and psychological needs within a social context. In other words, like Kebs said: sometimes all somebody needs is a reminder that they aren't alone, and that there are people who are there for them and care for them. Sending happy and healing vibes their way doesn't hurt either :) Spellwork designed with that intention would probably be really beneficial in conjunction with the points that Kebs touched on.
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Re: Any Spell Suggestions??
Post # 5
They might be going through a bad period. You surely can try something magic related, that is actually good that you're trying to find a way to help them. However, as Kebs summed up quite successfully, you shouldn't totally rely on magic to entirely solve this problem, it needs more than that.

Since this thread asks about how to aid your friend magically, let's see what options you may have. Please remember that it isn't only about spell casting, there are many forms of magic that can be more suitable to this situation.

Honestly, casting a spell for your friend's happiness isn't a bad idea at all. But, a spell is basically a general form of energy directing for a specific intent. That is what it is. Casting a spell will not completely heal emotional pain or a severe depression within several seconds as many people think as it isn't a quick fix or something you see in movies.

There are more things you have to do beyond hoping it will happen. In order to end a depression you just have to go through the regular things people do when they are depressed. It is all about self development and emotional recovery. It will be way more simple if you try advising your friend to recover from their depression / moodiness with the aid of positive activities and positive attitude along with self development.

But remember that it is all up to your friend. They need to want their depression to end and their emotional pain to heal. You, of course, have to involve them with the activities in regards to their process.

I personally recommend you to go and spend some time with them. If it requires more of an emotional developing progress, the advice them things, don't put it on your own shoulders and it is all in their hands.

Regular activities psychologists and people would normally recommend for recovery are (for example, feel free to look up for more):
~Trying to keep a positive attitude as a part of self development. It is all done willingly, again, as I told you, it is all up to your friend. THEY are the ones who have to go through a recovery process in order to feel better.
~Eating healthy food especially vegetables. The vitamins B 12 and B3 are important for this. And in that the entire group of vitamin B plus Zink are useful.
~Working out, keeping an active lifestyle (very important)! As Kebs said, just spend more time with them and make sure they enjoy. :)

You asked for magical solutions, so here are things your friend can do to help their situation:
~Take spiritual baths.
~Meditate (meditation helps a lot with clearing your mind and relaxing, as a matter of fact. Meditation is recommended to anyone depressed, and even for people who merely had a bad day).
~Cleansing, of course. Cleansing washes away all negative energies which your friend will probably find useful.
~Lastly, there's herbal stuff. As someone who is into herbology, I can think of herbs like St. John's Wort, Ginkgo Biloba, Stress Zapper/Buster Teas, and so on (in addition to what I said about vitamins above).

That is all I could think of for now, I highly recommend you to search it online and find some ways to treat depression and emotional pain, and later tell your friend to try it all out. However, it is all up to their own free will. You should respect that.

Also, bare in mind that nothing here is a quick fix, if your friend decides to go through any process then they should keep self developing themselves for a while until they start feeling better.

I hope that helps.
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Re: Any Spell Suggestions??
Post # 6
A magical way that could make you both giggle, or become extremely embarrassed, is to do a heka reenactment of Hetheru (Hathor) cheering Re up from his depression.

I've never tried it myself, however, it is one of the tenants of my practice that such could have a positive effect on depression. I think one of the reasons for that is the strange and ridiculous behavior that one must exhibit during the reenactment.

To do this, you would basically study the myth, write a script where you call yourself Hetheru, giving her all sorts of titles associated with the cheering of Re, and calling your friend Re, giving him all sorts of titles associated with him. Then you would do as she does within the myth.

I wouldn't recommend such if you are uncomfortable with your body, practice, or friend, and probably advise against it if you are either of you aren't able to take it seriously. Also, if you do write a script, read from it as you enact it.
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