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How do spells be powerful

Forums ► Other Spells Discussion ► How do spells be powerful
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How do spells be powerful
Post # 1
How do spells become powerful? I mean, anyone can create a simple spell that's pretty weak, but there are ultra powerful spells, and I'm curious why they're ultra powerful. How can you make an immensely powerful spell or is it just by chance that you stumble upon them. Anyway, my second question is what's the most powerful spell you each of you knows?
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Re: How do spells be powerful
Post # 2
Its not really the spell that is powerful. Words are words unless one puts the "power" behind them. If you know how to cast a spell correctly then you wouldnt need to worry about your spell being "weak". Its all about energy and focused will. I honestly dont even use spells anymore, but I do magic. The words aren't always needed, they dont hold the so called power, the caster does
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Re: How do spells be powerful
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 3
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Re: How do spells be powerful
By: / Novice
Post # 4
I agree. It is not the spell that is powerful. The energy that you put in to it, if you have the aid of other beings, god-forms and the like, or possibly other participants. Your focus, imagination, desire and will, especially that of the higher self, is what makes a spell powerful. The words are just a focus.


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Re: How do spells be powerful
Post # 5
Yes, and as always, Shawn universally nails the topic on the head. Know anything about thought forms and the concepts of energy? What's the difference between being "that" god and being ridden by a spirit? What about certain astrological times of the age, year, phases of the moon, and the astrological times of night and day? In an esoteric point of view, what's the difference between night and day?

Sometimes the unseen can be felt and known of, but looking forward to practice and knowing about, will make the difference. It doesn't matter where you start, because where you go your psychic threads shall follow.

An orange from an apple, strong spell caster from strong spell. Know what you are doing, and faith draws a fine line that keeps the curious at bay.

Counter-intuitively, you take a look at all of who replied to this particular post, and chances are, they may have the same implementations in mind, or at hand, because the question strikes interest in their heart. Not simply their mind, but their heart. The difference is, does everyone have it in their intentions to truly share what they believe is correct and right, boldly? Not everything is truthful, in the real world, but that in mind, noticing these relationships, correlations to things, things relative to other things, in my book, is called study.

Is there a powerful spell out there? I don't truly know, but I do know that there are complex systems of pantheons, and within them there are their respected studies and practices.

I've heard people call what it is that "we" do, in the craft, mind control. Plain and flat-out: mind control. Yes, you heard it. So, what does that mean? Perhaps, a form of mind control. All I see faith as, is amplified will-power. You put up a psychic wall, between you and a person yelling at you, and you look straight into their eyes, all at the same time, and you believe that this psychic wall is there, and by experience you know this unseen wall works. Why, my gosh, your will to put up this psychic wall is amplified, by like twenty score.

The fun part part about acting like a mime in and at work, is that there is more to someone's mysterious seriousness than what meets the "eye." Faith is absolutely nessasary, in all cases. Justified by faith much? All of which, I say, in my opinion, and from here on after, may the positive grace of the number four treat your foundation, to your journey, kindly.
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Re: How do spells be powerful
Post # 6
Well one way is through repetitiveness in the spell its self a favorite spell of say its a chant while lighting a candle relatively simple but with practice it becomes second nature. Then you can change the set up deity but it all revolves around thus you become more in tune with higher or lower power that is stronger then before. But that's just one practice is the best way to become better both within you and your spells
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