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Can anyone explain this?

Forums ► Other Spells Discussion ► Can anyone explain this?
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Can anyone explain this?
Post # 1
Heya, when I was younger, (about a month after I'd first got into wicca) me and three friends (one also practised wicca) decided to go on a sleepover. A lot of things happen and we ended up admitting to out other friends that we were wiccans (coming out of the broom closet, you could say XD) The friends took it surprisingly well, and asked if we could try a spell. My other friend and I decided to start with something basic but still effective- so not to freak them out or anything. Eventually, we decided to try out a "vampire" spell. It's more of a power spell, but you do end up with fangs. Here's how it goes:
Blood red, pale skin, moonlight, draw me in. Quench my thirst, coursing veins, let my body feel no pain.
We each repeated this 10 times, once at a time at about one o'clock in the morning. I was to go last.
The thing is, when I chanted mine, things started going wrong. Apparently, all of my friends felt "an electrical charge" run through them when I was chanting. That was weird, but then my, also wiccan, friend started crying out loud because she could "sense something bad" in the room.

I was wondering if it could be a demon I once communicated with and put a lot of trust in when I was younger. (and stupider) I never really got over what feelings that demon left me with when it betrayed me. (VERY long story, I don't really want to talk about it)

Could anyone please explain this? What should I do?
Thanks, peace be with you :)
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Re: Can anyone explain this?
Post # 2
1. Spells do not alter physical appearance, like with the growth of fangs.
2. My guess is your spell attracted an entity that cannot manifest on this plane, but it attracted to blood sacrifices. By chanting about blood and strength you drew it towards you, each of making yourselves an effective target. By saying that none of you would feel pain, the entity might have been under the assumption that it could become a parasite on one of you without being noticed for quite some time. My personal opinion is that all of you should do a cleansing of some sort of your actual body and spirit/soul/whatever.
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Re: Can anyone explain this?
Post # 3

I would also agree with DeathLancer's assessment that it was an entity drawn by the opening your spell left. In Wicca, the Law of Attraction or "Like attracts Like" is often used to describe how entities will be drawn to a given working.

When I was in Elementary School, a friend and I found this book, " Black Magic, White Magic " or perhaps the reverse of that name, we never found it in the School's Library since it was returned. We had a sleepover at my house and decided it'd be fun to play around with a spell from the book. We decided to "Summon a Vampire".

We didn't have any supplies, we just read the evocation. While reciting what was on the page, we heard a jingling tune. I looked over my shoulder to the bookcase and saw the music box that was there opening up and playing the tune that it held.

Needless to say, he and I both looked at each other with an, "Oh Shit!" expression. We didn't actually say that, since it was a year before cursing became the "cool thing to do". But we stopped. About this time, the storm that was already on its way started thundering and as we were looking out the window at it, we could have sworn there was a wolf looking at us.

No vampire showed up, but we were quite disturbed by the experience.

Did something malevolent come? I doubt it. It was probably some entity that saw two little boys that needed to be taught a lesson. I doubt anything in the book would have worked. It was probably called by the intent behind the recitation, more so than the actual words. We left an opening, and it knew we weren't ready for something worse if we decided to start developing darker intentions.

The fear of pain or bad happenings is often worse than them occuring. "What If" is a powerful thing, and the human mind can concoct a lot worse than could be done to us. I suspect this is true from what happened to you, FatRaspberry.

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