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WEED (marijuana)

Forums ► General Info ► WEED (marijuana)

WEED (marijuana)
Post # 1
okay im just writing a question and i know in some countries its illegal. And i hope i dont get banned for this question.
Im just curious what is in it that make you more spiritually aware. Like ive tried it and its so easy to practice magic or energy, and ive noticed that after all your senses are HEAPS more awaken. Can anyone explain what it actually does to you to make you see and feel everything so clearly after you've smoked it?

Again if this question is going to get me banned im sorry, im just really confused about it all and if it offends people i would like the moderators to take it down... No hard feeling or anything im just really confused about it since i dont know much about herbs and what it does to you... :/
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Re: WEED (marijuana)
Post # 2

ok so i study theology and jah rasta is not my strong point but i do beleive you smoke to get closer to god basically... of course meditation is easier for some or the herb causing paranoia or other side effects... the plant needs to be grown correctly and because of ingestion (smoking normally) you want to be sure no pestasides were used ...now the trickky part is it legal even... you dont want to get in trouble for something like that if its not nessasary..... anymore questions feel free to mail but im sure this post will get answers blessings...

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Re: WEED (marijuana)
By: / Novice
Post # 3
One of my metaphysical teachers, who was also one of my karate instructors, partakes of herb, and has the entire time I have known him. In his own words, using drugs to become spiritually aware is like "being able to look in the window, but it won't get you into the house."

If you know what you are doing, or you are being guided by someone who knows what they are doing, the use of drugs can give you glances into the spiritual levels. The purpose for doing so, in my opinion, is so that you have an idea what you are working towards. Then you have to do the work and make the journey without it.

There are two dangers, as I see them, with using any drugs with magical work. First, the use of the drug distorts the flow of energy in the body and the mind. Things don't function the same way the seem to. The second, and potentially more dangerous, is the possibility of addiction. Anyone who says this is not a danger needs to read more about Crowley's life. But I do not mean a drug addiction per se, but the addiction of needing the drug to do magic.

Personally, I have never done any drugs with the exception of alcohol. I have never drank anytime close to doing magical work. Libations are not exactly the same, and even then that is one swallow. In my opinion, while there are some things that can be done with the use of mind altering drugs, you can do it better without them.

As always, just my humble opinion.


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Re: WEED (marijuana)
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
to me the plant is a supplement of practice, as any tool is. Though in order for it to be effective or even useful a relationship has to be made. Recreational use is not the same as ritual use and in my experience is completely different.
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Re: WEED (marijuana)
Post # 5
One cannot always connect spiritually to just God while using this herb of man.It may be created by God but it has also been tainted with the bliss and happiness that men so crave leaving it open to connections with the Dark Lord and his minions.Plus using this herb will leave your body more open to negative kinds of energy.Using K2 or spice for pleasure or spirituality is more likely to make you connect with the Dark Lord than marijuana and it can eventually show others the purest form of your spirit but these occasions usually only happen when you're on the brink of death and you won't necessarily survive.
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Re: WEED (marijuana)
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 6
In Britain, the herb is known as a "soft" drug. I have smoked it (and eaten it!) when I was young. It is pleasant, but one does tend to lose "control". It doesn't do to smoke it and drive a car!
Other drugs are extremely harmful. Known as "hard" drugs. These include such as Heroin and Cocaine.
The police are not much bothered about the herb; unless you have a lot of it! But they are very strict on the others.
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Re: WEED (marijuana)
By: / Novice
Post # 7
Genesis 1:29:
"And God said, 'Behold, I have given you every plant yielding seed that is on the face of all the earth, and every tree with seed in its fruit.'"

Does not marijuana yield seed? ;)

In heavy doses, THC can generate mild hallucinations. However, by the time you're seeing things, you're so laid out flat you couldn't act on what you've seen - even if you wanted to! Marijuana is a depressant, meaning that it slows one's thoughts and makes one sluggish. It is a calm, euphoric high - good for relaxing or hanging out with friends, but in my experience, not great for magic. Your mind needs to be clear for spells to work. It's hard enough isolating the daily static of our lives, much less while stoned and snacking.

Other substances are much more closely related to spiritual work. Recent research in neurobiology suggests that DMT, a naturally-derived compound found in almost every plant on Earth, is released within the human brain at the moment of birth, the moment of death, and during near-death experiences. It is produced in the pineal gland, which ordinarily generates serotonin - a feel-good chemical - and melatonin - a hormone that regulates our circadian rhythms (sleep cycles). DMT breaks down into both, generating excesses in the brain. This translates into a reduction in the ability to perceive time, extreme euphoria, and potent hallucinations. When smoked or injected, the high lasts only ten minutes, but thanks to your excess melatonin, you may perceive it as lasting eons.

What's more interesting is the substance of these hallucinations. People have reported visiting deities, speaking with angels, meeting themselves in former lives, and literally watching themselves leave their bodies.

This chemical may account for some of the most profound spiritual experiences people have had. Reports of divine visitation, alien abductions, and any other random metaphysical journey may have just been the result of an unexpected DMT synthesis.

Tribal shamans in the Amazon brew a DMT tea called ayahuasca. Ayahuasca is brewed using a special plant indigenous to the area containing MAOI inhibitors. These allow DMT to be active when orally ingested. The high can last anywhere from four to six hours. It is used to enter spiritual trances and to "meet one's ancestors."

Similarly, ibogane is used by African tribesmen to much the same effect, albeit in more painful fashion. Ibogane trips can last between two and three days. Though DMT, consumed orally, can generate nausea and vomiting, ibogane comes with a severe, debilitating migraine. The tribesmen call it "splitting one's skull open," and it is no allegory - most everyone who's taken it reports pain like taking a hatchet to the brain. However, once one has pushed through their own skull and expelled their spirit into the universe, the hallucinations it produces are profound.

They are, however, not usually pleasant. A visiting anthropologist, who was also addicted to morphine, consumed ibogane and discovered - to his surprise - that after his three-day journey, he no longer desired to use morphine and had no symptoms of withdrawal. It has been used successfully to cure addictions to heroin, morphine, cocaine, methamphetamine - even relatively minor addictions, like caffiene and nicotine, have all disappeared after three days of, as the tribesmen would put it, "visiting one's ancestors."

As you can see, of the gamut of spiritual drugs, marijuana is not high (ba dum-tisch!) on the list.

Blessed be.

(PS: Both DMT and ibogane are ranked Schedule 1 - no medicinal use by the federal government here in the States.)
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Re: WEED (marijuana)
Post # 8

It's illegal in many places. I have done it, I continue to do it from time to time. Recreation is something different from ritual use. I myself use it as a chemical aid in reaching altered states of conciousness. It is not a must, and therefore I do not always find a use for it. I should give you a warning saying that in prolonged use it tends to have an affect on your memory.

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Re: WEED (marijuana)
Post # 9
I hope nobody does it it's a bad game to get into trust me personal experience
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Re: WEED (marijuana)
Post # 10
Btw cocaine dude just blows your mind
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