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Fluids used in Witchcraft

Forums ► General Info ► Fluids used in Witchcraft
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Fluids used in Witchcraft
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
Human hemoglobin is not only a natural substance for our bodys but also the workings of spiritual properties. What do we know about using blood or otherworldly fluids in our ritual workings? We know Blood is incredible powerful stuff, and it seems that early pagan practices must have thought hard on the using to much in their practice. Hemoglobin, if used with the proper order of words, rites, natural herbs and maybe even the exact phase of the moon, does put quite a bit of energy flow to the ritual.

So is it the willingness to give in to the pain? Maybe thoughts of parting with precious bodily fluids that bring out powerful magnitude? Perhaps its the act of paying the fee for unbalancing the natural order?

We need to remember it is stronger using blood and other fluids in our spells, but we cant just simply stand by and let the fluids do all the work. We stay focused when we experiment something new, take all precautions, spell back fire is a real thing and does happen.

Something some would find interesting, Folk-Lore Hoodoo and European highly encouraged the uses of humanly body fluids in certain practices. Woman would use vaginal fluids mixed in their tea or morning coffee as a good form of protein and potential uses for love spells. The idea could also be said for the men in their culture who were also served this "Special" brew. The woman believed they could get their natural scents inside the mans sub consciousness and be theirs.

However, many people in today's magical community find it distorting to use natural fluids, the use of bodily fluids in witchcraft; it is a ancient custom in many traditional belief systems. We may believe or think of it as unnatural, or not useful, but it is not something that just didn't pop up its been around for centuries. One of the most oldest hoodoo practices is the Witchs Bottle, it does also say the bottle can be used as a curse too if made by someone other than yourself with little to no other items added.

What I know about using blood in magick and other fluids is it does create a wider spread of energy flow and magnitude in the practice. It is also how its used, its not like you need a pint of blood for a spell or a gallon of pee, but in most of my spells a demand has to be paid. However, in this practice that demand paid is the witches blood, it has to be your own blood or its useless. I also remind you this is a new practice for me as well, so feel free to add what I have messed. We also have to understand not everyone agrees with using these forms of practice, but something we mark as knowledge and useful information.

Hopefully you will find directional information to this practice and learn more, enjoy my post!

Blessed be
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