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Intent & Spell Creation

Forums ► General Info ► Intent & Spell Creation
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Intent & Spell Creation
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
Surely some point in your life someone always says 'be careful what you wish for" this is exactly true. Sometimes we direct out spells in the intent of helping or destroying someone. Let's for examples sake say are spells are wishes, for example the spell is created to target someones attention. What happens if that attention isn't what you asked for, you wanted this person to notice you, instead they start bullying you, or stalking you.

What we need to make these spells real is correct energy flow, proper intent, creation, and direction. Without these, your going to have difficulty truly getting your magick out there. When i conduct my spells i see them as a master piece of Art.

Each one of my spells is unique, precise, and with direction. When i began to write my spell, my first thoughts are concentrating on this spell working without a doubt, and understanding if there condescension is for my work. I visualize my spell just like a person in my mind, i make this being my spell, i give it intent and purpose. Even after that spell is ceased when i need use it again i look into my subconscious and find the creation made for that spell.

We all make spells differently, the only thing those of us can do to help newbies is share our experience and hopefully they learn from it and make their own method of spell creation.

I would like to give a spell example of poor spell work, something i created, re-created and gave purpose, this example is the before spell it was created March, 11th 2005. I am only providing the wording, not the items used.

A Nasty Temptation
Soothing lover i cling too, see me now!
See me as your future and close friend,
Always their for you til the very end.
Trust my desire and my powerful will that will please us,
Trailing secrets down your skin if ancient lust.
Taste my passion for those Carmel eyes,
Look into mine see only blue skies.
Mark me as your soul mate until forever ends.
Bind to me, love me, befriend me, see me i bind thee in love to endless amends.
I give everything i have in love to have you and be together forever, marry my soul **** ***********.
In the name of the five elements i command this be!

That is a good example of something like a wish, having something you know you cant have but madly desire. To actually do what the spell is asking is impossible as some know. However, it can cause certain attraction. No i would like to provide a example of black magick that does work, this is my work as well, actually one of my favorites :D

A Calling to thy Heart
(Created by Veronica Day and Steven Burrows)
2 red candles
4 white candles
bowl of sea salt water
rusty screws
dirty nails
coffin dirt
rat's tail (fresh)
red ribbon/green ribbon
Mason Jar

Place the white candles in a cardinal position and than the two red candles on the east and west points as well. Place the mason jar in the middle of those candles.
Make sure that rat tail has been cut fresh, place the tail, nails, coffin dirt, rusty screws into the Jar. Take a piece of paper and write his/her name on the paper or if you have a picture or even better a focus item, which ever add into the jar.
Dip our index finger in the salt water, use that to trace a star upon your brow and anoint white candles for destructive red for positive.

Place your hand over the candles and Jar and while reading the words push energy around the candles and jar to provide life.

Be true to my love this you must do,
Unless my love is false to you.
From my soul to yours i call your name,
Let us forget past sorrows none is to blame.
Forget our pain and lets start anew,
Lets bind our love from me to you.
I call out help from the the divine,
We will be together you will come to me side.
See my sorrow lifted let him see,
This spell of mine be cast So mote it be!

Close your jar all contents left, candles included go in the jar, throw the jar into running waters.

Thank you for reading my post,

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Re: Intent & Spell Creation
Post # 2
very great and helpful post :)
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Re: Intent & Spell Creation
Post # 3
Very good post Mr. Barron.
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Re: Intent & Spell Creation
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
Thank you both for reading :D
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