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Psychic Vampirism
Post # 1
If you're reading this, then there are probably 4 things in your mind.

1 Yay, I can be a Vampire! And now, with Psychic powers!

2 No, another vampire post again.

3 What!? A vampire doing Gangnam Style!?

4 Now I can learn how to drain energy.

So, if you're choice is the 4th, then please do continue reading.. ;)

Psychic Vampirism

It is basically draining life energy into your target.

Others say that some of it are born like that. But, as a normal human, you can also learn how to become like them.

How to become one

-How I learned it.

Ofcourse, I asked the forums on how to become one... then... I FORGOT WHAT THEY SAID! Hah, hah, hah,.

So, I tried to find a way on doing it on my own since back then, I am too bored to research. So I said, isn't it like the basics but you'll have a human as a source.

So I came up with this theory and it worked.

You must find a target. A human or animal. If possible, atleast an arms lenght.

Visualize white energy balls coming out of the targets body.

Visualize it being magnetized by your body as you inhale.

Let this energy pass through your whole body.

As the energies of balls keeps on coming out of the body, make them join together as a ray of white light (it's okay if it's deformed) then drain the target until you're satisfied.

-How others do it.

-Physical Contact
You simply touch the target and visualize white light (or white electricity, something like that) from the target's body going to your arm and to your body as you inhale. You can also ground negative energy to the target if you want. As you exhale, just visualize black energy from your body going into the target's body.

-Vampiric Aura
Visualize (white for neutral, black to strike fear amd pink... yes.. pink.. for them to like you or feel comfortable with you) energy coating your body. Visualize white energy passing accross this aura and negative energy reflecting on it and walk through people.

-Evil Stare with the Evil Eye
If you have the Evil Eye, just stare at them with it drain energy.

The Evil Eye
Just focus your negative energy (hatred is what I suggest) and then stare at the target while speaking to them in your mind. Note! The shorter the suggestion, the better! Like, Shut up, Back off and other of the sort..

My first informative post, yay!

Comments, suggestions, violent reactions and comments, suggestions and especially violent reactions from a cute girl is welcome..


Re: Psychic Vampirism
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
I have read in many places that this is something that people are born with, but have learnt over time that it is something that we can also learn. In some peoples eyes this is a element of necromancy, as it works with the emotional energies of other people. Although when I have seen it as a part of necromancy it has been called leeching or spiritual leeching.

It is a dangerous form of magick though if the three-fold law is seen. As you are draining anothers energy without the consent of this person. It can also leave the other person feeling tired and weak, I know this as me and a friend once tried it on one another for a very short period of time to see it's effect from both sides. It is very good for personal use though as some say the thoughts and knowledge of others can be transferred in this way.

How ever it is a very good post that explains a certainly less explored and written about side of magick. But as I said before it can be very dangerous.

Another way I have heard of doing it is to visualize your arm extending and grabbing the energy with your hand and then pulling it away from the other person before absorbing it yourself. This is not the method that I used however but is very similar.

Re: Psychic Vampirism
Post # 3
Thanks AstralFire for the additional info.

I learned something again!

Re: Psychic Vampirism
Post # 4
I was born a Psychic Vampire, so i never learned it straightforward. I am currently learning how to control feeding through energy and learning methods that won't drain other people. If it's raining ESPECIALLY a thunderstorm, i focus on my breathing and gather energy from that. My favorite way is to sit at the base of a tree and place my hands on the tree trunk. I focus on my breathing a visualize the energy of the tree.
Please PLEASE try to learn alternative methods if you are a Psy vamp because it really harms others.
If you MUST feed off a humans energy, try to do it in a crowded place where the energy is in the air, or take a little from each person so you are not focused on taking energy from one single person, leaving them weak.

Re: Psychic Vampirism
Post # 5
I only drain when necessary.. like at work. Since you can't just ground and center there right?

and I drain those who bullies me since I still am studying 'black' magick.

and that's one of my theories too! the tree thing. though still haven't tried it.

thanks for the info.

Re: Psychic Vampirism
Post # 6
Yes, it is very hard for me at work. I work in fast food so i greet over a hundred people a day. I kind of take a little here and there and i do admit that if they are rude i take a lot.

But do remember an eye for an eye will make the whole world blind.

Oh do try the elemental aspect, it's a great way to maintain your energy balance

Re: Psychic Vampirism
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 7
Of course you can ground and center at work. Whyever would you thing not? Learning to ground and center whenever and wherever it is needed should be one of the very basic things any magic user can do.

Draining energy from others, especially without their permission, is simply a form of stealing and no more ethical than taking money from their purse.

Back in the day, before vampires became cool in the 1990's, people who did this sort of thing were known as energy leeches or black holes and were looked down on and avoided by the magical community. You can change the name, but it still isn't something I'd be proud to claim.

Re: Psychic Vampirism
Post # 8
Oh of course lark, i am not proud of it. It's who i am though and i am learning to control it in ways that i don't really have to "steal" it from others. I suffer from mental health issues such as depression and the energy really helps. Of course i still take my medications, eat well, etc, but it usually is not enough for me.
It's usually very hard for me to ground and center at work though due to how much multitasking i do, i am always being pulled away from what i am currently doing to do something else. It's very hard to stay grounded and centered with so much going on at once.
But being that i am around so many people all day, most energy is in the air and that is easy to feed from.
"Energy leeches" or not, i can't help who i am. I am trying to promote methods of feeding that are less harmful to others.
But please lark, do understand it's something many are born with and it's hard to not only accept it within oneself, but have others accept you for it.

Re: Psychic Vampirism
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 9
Sorry, magicgirl, my comment about work was in response to what scirnocaster had posted.

I don't believe that people are born needing to drain energy from others. It is a behavior that they learn and develop over time. In a way it is a form of addiction. It is totally possible to become addicted to energy just as it is to food, to drugs, to sex, or gambling, or any other thing. Energy makes us feel better for a period of time, then we need another "fix" so we take energy from another so we can feel good again. Learning to give up on this practice is hard because it deprives us of something that makes us feel better. But until we can turn our back on it and find another way of dealing with our needs then we remain addicts.

As for grounding at work, I agree it can be difficult. Some of the ways that I used to get around this when I worked in a cube farm were to carry hematite with me. Hematite is an excellent stone for grounding yourself. Either carry a piece in your pocket, or find some hematite jewelry to wear. That may help you. Depending on your work situation, if you can have some plants in your workspace they can help ground you as well. Or simply learn how to take a deep breath, and as you let it out feel your body connecting to the Earth below you and the energy flowing up and down that connection. It takes practice to get this to be an automatic response even in a distracting situation, but it is worth doing.

I applaud your efforts to find another way of finding the energy you need without taking it from others.

Re: Psychic Vampirism
By: / Beginner
Post # 10
Thank you Lark. I got onto this site trying to find ways of shielding and building myself after a bad experience with someone like this. Instead, every other post I read is about people wanting to be or practising to be an energyy vampire. When you've had it done to you there is no way you will even consider doing it to someone else.

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