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Can You Offer Insight?

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Can You Offer Insight?
Post # 1
A friend gave me a spell that her grandmother gave her when I was about 15. If the spell was passed to a person, that person could only tell one person, so on. It involves a white candle in the ground with a circle of salt around the candle, parchment with your wish written on one side and a certain Bible verse on the other, i believe it was supposed to be done with clouds covering the moon or maybe during new moon at a certain time? Anyway, I did this spell several times and it worked but just not exactly right. For instance, i wanted this certain guy to ask me out and a guy with the same name and same birthday asked me out, just not the right guy. I asked for someone i knew to make money, instead of a job he found a 20 stuck in the hole where a mountain dew bottle he bought was. After that i have had the most insane luck of anyone i know. Everyone says that! Man, the stories I could tell!! I'm leaving out a lot of other things in order to get to the point but I really should include them. I gave birth to a baby boy when I was 18. I decided that adoption was the best for him considering the shambles my life was in. I chose where he went and met his adoptive parents. I went on to work at a convenient store where a woman who treated me like garbage worked with me. I am not a hateful person and certainly did not want anything to happen to this woman worse than subbing her tow but i didn't even wish that on her. I had a tiger eye stone that I had gotten on a school field trip in 2nd grade. I had had it forever and kept it in my pocket for good luck. I remember her saying something really mean to me and then laughing at me and i just held that stone in my hand rubbing it thinking about how bad I despised that ole mean woman! I was always nice to her though, a few nights after that everytime I got around her i got this terrible sense about her. I swear to you I could "smell" death on her!! It was not a smell but that's the only way I can describe it. It was the weirdest thing I'd ever encountered. I quit working there and about a month later I got a phone call form one of the guys that frequented the store for coffee. He told me she had died!! She drowned out on a lake but was an excellent swimmer! After that I dreamed about her watching me from behind ivy as I walked past her house, however, I didn't know where she lived. That was in the Spring of 1995, by September that same year, I got a phone call from the adoption agency informing me that my son had drowned in May. That was the most horrible moment of my life, until then giving him up for adoption had been the most horrible moment. I've since had three more sons.The other night i heard someone of tv talking about wishes being granted but have chaos with them. Tiamat the babylonion god of primordial chaos. I looked it up and it's a goddess and it's associated with fresh and sea water. Like I said, I have left a lot of stuff out and this is still long. I've always wondered if i unconsciously wished death on that woman and paid for it with my own child. Since I heard this about the goddess it makes me wonder if that spell i was told about is linked to Tiamat and if I cursed myself and if so how in the world can I shake this? I've 38 years old now and I need some answers. Any insight would be welcomed and if you want to know the other details i'll be glad to share. Thank you.
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Re: Can You Offer Insight?
Post # 2
Maybe pray to this goddess and ask her to let you be?

Or,pray to another deity and ask them to protect you from her?

Or both?
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