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my guardianangel metatron

Forums ► Other Spells Discussion ► my guardianangel metatron
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my guardianangel metatron
Post # 1
hello erm.... quite new to all this so ill just come out and say what i have to say and that is basically ive known for a while now that my guardian angel is metatron and well i would like to know a way i can contact him in person like speak face to face in his true form. yes OK asking to speak to a archangel in his or hers true form is dangerous but i don't care anymore i have nothing to fear i have all ready died and have been brought back so whats to fear when ive been through that?as there are question i would like to ask and be answered if possible. also a how can i say a ermmm..... not personal but is personal question kind of, so can someone please let me know. thanks.
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Re: my guardianangel metatron
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
I suggest not using the term "guardian angel"... That puts a lot of expectations and weight on the angels. Angels aren't meant to protect and "guard" you from evil. They are simply to help you on your life path. The proper term would be "Mentor" angel... As they teach you how to live life to it's fullest and through your specific path.

It is a literal law in Heaven that an angel cannot show their true form. Their true form would be too much for the human mind to bear, and cause instances of insanity. Instead, they appear in a form that in familiar to us; animals or humanoids. Many archangels will not show their wings, as they are not prideful. They are modest, and they don't want to act as though they are higher than humans.

First, learn whatever you can about Metatron. Search the internet by googling his name, and then take notes. Don't just search for Metatron. Search for things related to her name. Such as more information on plants associated with him, or where this angel stems from.

Here is a bit of information to get you started; Metatron's name literally means "Little Yahweh" or "Little God" and it is recognized that he was originally the prophet Enoch when he was a human. God had Enoch ascend into the ranks of angels after his work on Earth was complete.
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Re: my guardianangel metatron
Post # 3
thank you but i do no alot of this already as i have seen a copy of one of the original books of Enoch in person, if you rearly need to know why i need to summon metatron it is because i have spoke to him in a dream and was asked to summon him when woke.
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Re: my guardianangel metatron
Post # 4

While I do agree that most angels' true forms (or any spirit for that matter) aren't conceivable by the conscious, physical mind, I would have to disagree with saying that the term Guardian Angel isn't proper. There are different classes of angels, and there is one specific for human guardians (at lesat in the Bible). Metatron, however, is not one such angel, though that doesn't exclude one from working with Metatron (who trancends gender). I don't personally work with angels, though I have done some reading on them.

I would also advise to look at the context Metatron is being mentioned in when researching them. If memory serves me right, Metatron is mentioned in at least three different religious belief systems (Judaism, Christianity, and Ascensionism).

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