Glass Candleholders broke

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Glass Candleholders broke
Post # 1
During the last full moon, I was doing my usual intention work. I had bought beautiful new green glass candle holders in the shape of 2" cubes. I have a new kitten at home and wanted something heavier and sturdier than I was using in the past, and these seem to fit the bill and I loved the look of them.

However, when the candles burned down the next morning, 2 out of 3 of the candle holders and broken cleanly in half! The third was cracked but not broken yet.

First, I took this as a physics/science related fault of the candle holders - not tempered glass or faulty design. I wonder if there is some kind of insulation I can use with the candle holder... water? sand? some other medium that will help alleviate the heat to the glass? Or should I snuff out the candles before they burn down completely so that there is no wax left?

Second, as far as the intention goes, it may indicate 1) the work is complete or has been heard, 2) an amplification of the intention, 3) the intention is rendered null, or 4) the intention was reversed completely.

What are your thoughts on these two areas? The practical part of burning a taper in a glass candle holder, and then the meaning of the breaking and how it affects the intention.

Thank you!
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Re: Glass Candleholders broke
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
It may have also broke if it cooled down too quickly. I'm guessing that the flame had it heated, but when it was done, the room's temperature (or a nearby vent) shocked the glass and make it break. That happened to me with a glass measuring cup. I had set it inside a pot of water to melt some chocolate, and instead of simply shutting off the power and letting it stay in the pot, I took the measuring cup out and set it on the cool countertop. A few minutes later, it literally exploded into shards of glass.

Generally, glass holders are safe as long as you don't have them near a vent or open window, or inside a cool room.
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Re: Glass Candleholders broke
Post # 3
It is generally known NOT to burn a candle all the way down in a glass of any kind. I have had them break, too. If you can see that the wax had become liguid half way down, snub the flame and relight later when the wx has hardened again. Just some safety tips from one who burns a lot of candles. Blessed Be...
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Re: Glass Candleholders broke
Post # 4
Thank you both! I figured that glass candle holders would be made with tempered glass (and that crystal might act differently as well). I guess not.

What happens with the intention of the work when the glass breaks?

These were green glass candle holders.

Thank you!
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