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Ouija Baords

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Ouija Baords
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The ouija board is known as a "Talking Board". It's a board marked with letters and numbers and signs. The Main tool is the planchatter and you, or you can use your own tool. When your useing the ouija board the spirit moves the planchatte to the letters and numbers. It also knows as a divination tool.

The main thing is that you dont use it for fun, you should study ouija boards before useing one, so then when it comes to useing one you know how to use one. you will never know what type of spirit you are talking to for example you could be talking to a spirit and it could be tricking you.

When your useing a ouija board i suggest useing it in a cemetary because they are more spirits their because the ouija does not always work, i advise you not to do it on your own, if you use two people its great because the more energy you have the better chance of talking to a spirit.

Before you do the ouija you might want to use protection because if you come across a evil spirit you could get hurt and it would be your own fault for not useing protection. you could do a small prayer or wear a protection amulet or even cast a protection spell.

Your best useing a ouija board when its night time because thats when they make more contact. so make sure its not pitch black, dim the lights so you can see properly. use a white candle aswell then it will most probably work for you.

when useing the ouija board and you panic just simply close the session and do a banishment ritual i will post link to ritual below, then for sure the spirit will be gone. i siggest useing an ouija board when you feel ready your confident enough to use one.

When starting the session dont be disrespectfull to the spirit because it may get angry just ask if there "is a presence" and aite 2-3 mins for an answer, hopefully you get an answer. if you just say "if theres anything there move an object", thats just being rude.

Heres is is how you banish a spirit.

The Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram: Exoteric Working:

  1. Stand centre facing East of the Temple. Raise your hands with a sweeping movement to your brow, placing your hands together as in a gesture of prayer. Vibrate: Atah.
  2. Hands together to chest / heart. Vibrate: Malkuth.
  3. Hands to right shoulder: Ve Geburah.
  4. Hands to left shoulder: Ve Gedulah.
  5. Crossed over breast: Le-Olahm.
  6. Clasped together or as in prayer: Amen.

    (Formulates the Qabalistic Cross)
  7. With forefinger or wand, dagger or other instrument, trace a full-size banishing pentagram of earth in the air before you.
  8. The two lower points are roughly outside the left and right hips, the apex level with the crown of your head, the other two points outside the left and right shoulders. Vibrate as you point to the centre: Yod He Vau He.
  9. Draw the pentagram as before, but this time ninety degrees to your right towards the South, and vibrating Adonai pointing at the centre. Do not lower the point
    throughout the ritual.
  10. Repeat towards the West and North, but for the West vibrate Eheieh and for the North, Agla.
  11. Complete the circle and stand in the Tau Posture, arms extended so as to make a T-cross with the whole body, palms upward, facing East of the Temple.
  12. Say: "Before me Raphael, behind me Gabriel, on my right hand Michael, on my left hand Auriel. For about me flames the pentagram, and in the column stands the
    six-rayed star!"
  13. Repeat the Qabalistic Cross as at the beginning.
  14. The ritual commences with the Qabalistic Cross: Stand in the centre facing your mystical East. Bringing both hands upwards and out in a wide sweep press the palms of the hands together at the brow of your head, while aspiring powerfully towards the Ineffable Glory. Vibrate the name "Atah", meaning "To Thine, the Essence." See the light striking down to form a sphere of white brilliance above your head.

    Next, lower your hands, keeping them pressed together as in a gesture of prayer, to the centre of your breast. Vibrate the name "Malkuth", meaning "The Kingdom of Earth". See the light above your head extending in a beam of light straight down through you towards the centre of the Earth.

    Still keeping your hands pressed together, place them against your right shoulder, vibrating "Ve Geburah", meaning "Divine Strength". See a beam of light travel towards the ends of the Universe from below your right shoulder.

    Next place your hands to your left shoulder vibrating "Ve Gedulah", meaning "Magnificence". See the beam of light travel towards the ends of the Universe from below your left shoulder. Then cross both arms over your breast vibrating "Le-Olahm" meaning, "To the Ages of Ages".

    Finally, clasp your hands together firmly at your breast, vibrating "Amen". See yourself at the centre of a great cross of white light. This completes the first part of the ritual.

  15. Part 2

    The next part of the ritual is the drawing of the pentagrams in each quarter: Still facing Mystical East, with a dagger [8] or the first two fingers of your hand, trace a full sized pentagram in the air before you. It should appear flaming, very bright.

    Begin the pentagram from outside your left hip, trace a line up to a point that is level with the top of your head, then down (like a capital letter "A") to outside the right hip. Then straight up diagonally to outside of your left shoulder, and horizontally across to outside your right shoulder. Do not forget to form the last diagonal to rejoin the line where you began it. See the pentagram burning and flaming before you. Bring the point of your dagger (or finger) to the centre and vibrate the Divine Name "Yod He Vau He." See the star energised.

    Next, without lowering your arm, turn ninety degrees, keeping your arm straight, to the right so that you face South. As you do see a line of brilliant light connecting the centre of where your second star in the South is about to be drawn.

    Repeat the tracing of the pentagram as before, but this time vibrate the Divine Name "Adonai" as you point to the centre.

    Without lowering your arm (it is not lowered throughout this ritual) turn ninety degrees right again to face West, tracing the circle of light as you go. Draw the pentagram and energise it with the Divine Name "Eheieh".

    Turning ninety degrees to the North, continuing the circle of light, draw the pentagram as before, vibrating the Divine Name "Agla" pointing to the centre.

    Turn ninety degrees to return to the East, and so completing the circle about you. You should now see a circle of brilliant light around you, studded with four bright flaming pentagram stars.

  16. The third part of the ritual proceeds with the Evocation of the Archangels. Spreading your arms palms upwards, in a Tau or T-cross posture, say: "Before me, Raphael!" (You should vibrate the names of the Archangels sonorously.) "Behind me Gabriel, on my right hand Michael, on my left hand Auriel! For about me flames the pentagram, and in the column stands the six-rayed star!" [9]

    The Archangels should clearly be seen about the circle. As an example, Raphael may be seen with colours of yellow and violet, with the element of Air in golden rays pouring from the East. Gabriel with colours of blue and orange, the elemental Water pouring in and purifying from the West in blue rays. Michael in scarlet and emerald, with the Fire element radiating in from the South energising with red rays. Auriel in the colours of Malkuth, the stabilising Earth rays emanating from the North in fertile green. Pronounce the Archangel names "Rah-Fah-el, Gah-bree-el, Mee-kah-el, Or-ee-el".

    Now see yourself surrounded by a circle of light studded with four flaming pentagrams, with the Archangels (very tall, towering) guarding the quarters. Above you and below you appears the six-rayed star, the golden hexagram. It is the floor and roof of the palace for the Indwelling Spirit that you have built.

Here is the source to the ritual: http://www.jwmt.org/v1n0/LBRParticle.htm

All the writing about the ouija board was my own work.

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