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Can spells fix a world?

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Can spells fix a world?
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Can spells fix a world?
Post # 1
I'm wondering why this world is getting worse and worse by the minute, in pretty much everything..? What is causing all the hurt and destruction..? and Why..?

In this I am addressing all governments, and most humans..


All this global governmental covert activity stuff, and the many prolific laws intended to prevent people from harming themselves with fun and good and necessary stuff, and all the extreme violent enforcing of those laws, isn't doing any good what so ever.. All it's doing is causing grief sorrow and pain, and is the reason for all the destruction and pain in humanity.. It's like a great thorn in the skin of humanity.. a great thorn in the life of all humanity.. a black evil coating and parasite that's chewing its way into the spirit of humanity, spreading its excrement on and in the life love and core of humanity so a few greedy individuals and families can perpetually feed off of humanity by acquiring undeserved money and treasure from humans, in having robbing the lives of others, like how parasites feed.. Is it all just about acquiring ill gotten treasure..? How much money is needed for one family to live free and happy..?

If you do pleasant good stuff, you'll make a lot more money faster, and be loved for it, and while you're doing it.. All this negative you do is hurting you and your's too.. Why do you insist on propagating evil..? It is the violent legal system that is the problem..? The so called "terrorists", for the most part, are essentially those who are doing all they can to try to shake the great evil off of humanity and their lives.. trying to shake you off their and our lives, so the innocent can live happy in peace..

Seems the evil thing is driven by bad people enforcing pretend religious demands to make this a good and better world, by acting upon and defending a great negative delusion that there is "a god and a heaven".. but the delusion aggressively destroys everything in its path but itself in doing so, creating only discord, and spreading evil and destruction, to satisfy its ridiculous power and god delusions, by creating pain and sorrow where there is and was once love peace tranquility and dignity..

Why don't you so called politicians of democracies, and you great armies of enforcers, just stop hurting people, and start just living and letting live, sharing only respect and love and being honest..? You'll get more for it.. Is it because you can't..? Is it because all you know is hate..? Why must you all-ways make bad where there is good..? Is it because you are insane, and is it because you enjoy destroying and causing pain and sorrow..? Are you religion and democracy people possessed with some sort of loveless alter dimensional demon monsters, that feed on pain and destruction, and on the life essences of living things..? Are you aliens, or devils, or something like vampires..? Don't you know that the evils you propagate is what your families and bloodline must live in..? Are you cannibals..? We do have grocery stores and restaurants which you can afford.. It's like you are making your families and humanity's future into your great toilet.. Don't you know that essentially what you are doing, is creating hell on earth for everyone, and for even yourselves and your kin, and for their future kin..? Is it that you need to generate pain and sorrow and destruction to be happy, and to survive..? Is it that you truly are insane..? Why do you hurt humanity..? Is it that you hate life and love..? Do you want the good people in the world to teach you love, and to love you.. If you would stop hurting us, maybe we could start to love you and teach you love.. After all you are part of the brotherhood and family of mankind, just like us.. We don't hate you.. We just want you to stop hating and hurting us.. What don't you understand about love..? We are here to help you be loved.. What is it that you want and need of life and us that will stop you from hurting and consuming and destroying our lives..?
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