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About Tools...
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Magickal tools are designed to help you focus your energy on to something. Examples of tools that fit that description are the Athame and Wand.

Magickal tools can be something to hold energy in, such as a crystal or amulet.

Tools can be magick-specific, such as Runes for Runic Magick.

Ritual tools are tools designed to be used during rituals, but this is not always the case. Examples would be a bell that is rung to send vibrations through the room and tools used to hold something like a chalice for water.

Books can be tools as well, such as the Book of Shadows, which is a Witch's journal, the Grimore, which is your book of Spells, and your Herbal Grimore, which is your book of herbs and recipes using herbs.

Now, do you always need a tool? Absolutely not. You can perform your magick without tools, and I have here some alternatives you can use.

-Your index finger for the wand.
-Your index finger and your middle finger (ring finger) for the Athame
-A harmless butter knife for the athame (Decorate it!)
-A wine glass for a chalice (Decorate it if you want!)
-You can make Runes out of paper if you wish to, decorate them and shape the paper to what shape you want. You should laminate the paper.

Your Book of Shadows does not have to be those fancy leather books you see. Add your own creativity to it, use anything you want to make one. You can use a binder, notebook or you can even have a electronical Book of Shadows. Creativity is essential here, and you will be happy with your own work!

I hope this was able to help.

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Re: About Tools...
Post # 2

Nice post !

There are some more parts that the tools take than energy directions and so on...Depends on what the tool is to be used for. For example you obviously can't make an herb-free herbal sachet that relies on aromatherapy. Other tools, like those used to direct energy for things like circle drawing, they're about as optional as can be.

You don't necessarily need items to do magick, I agree with that point.

All you need is focus, will and belief. A bit of imagination helps too.

Words can help to focus our thoughts and intent and can be spoken, sung or thought.

Seeing what we want to produce in our minds, like a day dream.

Provoke the emotions inside of you as if your goal has already been met from attempting to perform any sort of a magical practice.. For instance, Use your finger instead of a wand.
Use visualization to stimulate emotion instead of candles.
Pray or renew the energy in something to purify instead of using salt or an athame.

There's something you can do for everything without using items or materials..

When I do not use items, I practice magick using different ways and methods. When I use items it is ceremonial, usually to honor or ask the aid of a specific spiritual being. As for the ring and the necklace. These items aren't what we call magic tools. These items are basically regular items which are 'charmed', which means that they had been charged by positive energies in order to assist us in our magical workings and our daily lives.

Thank you for the post.

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