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What is Power Flow?

Forums ► General Info ► What is Power Flow?
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What is Power Flow?
Post # 1
I am fairly new to magick, and I have come across the term power flow. What exactly is power flow? Is it similar to chi control or energy manipulation? Thank you for all your answers and help (:
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Re: What is Power Flow?
Post # 2

You're talking about energy flow.

Energy Flow is one the very basics of magic. More or less being because magic is the very changing and shifting or energy. That's all it is. Energy Flow is to practice controlling the flow of internal energy. Internal energy is simply the energy generated within your own body, which it is always flowing, and it is possible to control that flow. Working on energy flow helps exponentially when working with energy in general. First off you have your chakras, chakras generate energy, this energy rotates through out your body, and in some places around your body (an example of this is aura). You must feel this flow before interfering with it, and once you do, you can consciously change its direction, magnitude, and attribute. This is the basics of energy manipulation.

Now then, energy flow, part of energy manipulation, is part of a segment in magic called Direct Magic (what Eclipse used to specialize in). Direct Magic contains energy manipulation, and a bit of divination. Divination is psychic development, how this ties into Direct Magic is something called psionics.

Energy flow is a very common and studied subject here. Since you know the correct phrase, you can learn about developing it a bit more.

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Re: What is Power Flow?
Post # 3
Ohhh okay, thank you gor clearing things up. I will most certainly look into it :)
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Re: What is Power Flow?
By: / Novice
Post # 4
"Power flow"? Thats a very loose term. Very general. Its definitely not something commonly used to describe some sort of particular aspect of any one religion or practice. But the term itself, as general as it is, is pretty much self explanatory.

Lets break it down.
"Power". What exactly is power? Well the dictionary definition says power is "The ability to do something or act in a particular way, esp. as a faculty or quality.". Different practices could view the word power in a different way. Power may not even necessarily describe anything mystical or magical, it could merely be describing a physical strength or conceptual strength. Since were here on SoM lets just assume when were referring to "power" were talking about a mystical force. Even if we were talking about a mystical force, different practices would view power differently. For instance a Wiccan probably wouldn't view the term power as chi.

There are too many ways to view the term "power". The question you're asking is too loose, too general. So I will answer it to the best of my ability according to MY practices and view. But keep in mind anyone else could answer differently and be just as right as me.

Lets consider "Power" to be a term describing chi energy. Chi energy is all around us in everything. It is an invisible, binary force that controls the spectrum of any and everything from the physical to the conceptual.

"Flow". Think of water, apply enough force and it flows in the direction of said force. "Power" (or chi energy) is constantly being pushed and pulled, it has a "flow"... Its all part of the balance of nature.

So there. :)
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