the devils dream

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> the devils dream

the devils dream
Post # 1
I remember having a dream when i was 3 i woke up and this red horned man walked in and started speaking in toungs and i repeated wat he said its been on my mind for a while and idk wat it means
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Re: the devils dream
By: / Novice
Post # 2
I imagine it was probably just a dream put together from things you'd seen or heard shortly before hand. When I was younger I had a dream that I was hidden in the air vent at a Halloween party, it didn't mean anything it was just a memorable dream.

It's possible that there was some underlying psychological message in the dream but it was so long ago that it's likely no longer applicable and so trying to get to the bottom of it seems fairly pointless from that perspective, particularly as it'd need some more details of your life at that point to link with that you probably can't recall accurately now.

It's been known for various spirits to affect dreams but I don't really see a cause for it, a spirit wanting help is hardly likely to approach a child and one wanting to simply reveal itself would likely await a time when you're more mature and able to interpret it. Again it was so long ago now without any obvious effects that even if it was some form of spirit it doesn't really matter anymore.

Ultimately my conclusion would just be that it was a particularly memorable dream from your childhood. Children have particularly active imaginations and can have some fairly vivid dreams.
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Re: the devils dream
Post # 3
I dont remember anything before that i was given to my grandparents when i was 3 i dont remember living with my parents before that that dream has always been on my mind if i could guess the thing in the dream was speaking latin but idk
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Re: the devils dream
By: / Novice
Post # 4
It wouldn't surprise me that you don't remember much if anything before that. Ignoring the fact that you were three and assuming your memory was recalling that far back (mine certainly doesn't but mine barely recalls five minutes ago) you were "given" to your grandparents suggesting a traumatic few years with your parents or a traumatic event, the memories of which are often suppressed particularly by young children.

You may find though that the dream is not your earliest memory, it can be difficult to put early memories into order and you can often find that you get things a bit jumbled, not that it's a particularly important point mind.

I doubt the dream contained Latin personally, or at least perfect Latin as the odds of you knowing that language at three are rather slim so if the dream came from your own mind then it'd likely just be a coalescence of words and sounds (possibly of Latin origin). If it came from the other possibility (some form of spirit) then why talk in a language you wouldn't understand, it strikes me as being a little pointless and so I find the idea of a spirit being involved a little unlikely personally.
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