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chi energy...............

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chi energy...............
Post # 1
Here's a chi energy exercise I learned, I still need to learn more of it, it's kind of like a spell do to the fact you are using energy, but it's not really magick, it's just using your bodies energy in order to become stronger or faster, this isn't a fantasy spell, and well not a spell exactly it's just chi energy exercises, anyways here's one, put your legs spread apart as wide as your shoulders or wider, then while flexing make your arms rise up so that your elbows are bent towards the sky and your wrists are bent opposite directions, your left hand should be pointing towards the left when you bend your wrists and the right hand should be towards the right, as you continue to raise your hands up until your arms are bent, then continue to move except after your hands and arms are pointing towards the sky slowly push your arms outward causing the left arm is pointing towards the left and your right arm is pointing towards the right once you have done this you should look like you are trying to measure your arms if someone was their measuring your arms like your wing spand measurement, but LOL don't measure your arms while doing this exercise, anyways remember to flex while doing this exercise and pretend as though you are pushing the wind as if you were pushing the wind if it was pushing against yours, this is a shoalin monk exercise, sorry I don't know how to spell shaolin LOL! But anyways this is a chi exercise, if you do it often for many hours you will build strength in your arms. And no this is not a spell, but instead a chi exercise that shaolin monks do to strengthen themselves, and I am not sure if chi is a real energy, but I do know some how that this meditation can cause someone to become stronger, even if chi is not real, it must have a mind over matter effect. I also heard raising your bodies temp with other exercises can increase your strength. Anyways that's all for now.
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Re: chi energy...............
Post # 2
oh and by the way what I meant by elbows pointing upward I meant your elbows should be bent but your hands point towards the sky, sorry about that, I will summerize it, from your hands pointing downwards raise your hands upward until your elbows are bent and your hands are towards the sky, and then push your arms outward so your hands are pointing opposite directions, remember to flex and pretend to push the air as if it had a force behind it like a pushing motion, sorry I explained it so complicated, I must be really tired LOL! Remeber to keep your hand like a tiger claw while doing this excerise, the shaoilin monks learned their exercises and fighting from animals it's called shaolin kung fu.
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