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What could it mean?

Forums ► Misc Topics ► What could it mean?
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What could it mean?
Post # 1
Today i had a dream. About an inscription. It was may be written on a black stone in white writing. The language was English but a very stylish font. I didnt understand what it was at first and i came to know that i am dreaming. So i focus hard on that insciption hoping to find out the meaning after i wake up.
It was such -

(sorry, i dont remember)

Science curbs the evil.

And the last and the wierdest.
The Gods will fall from the sky to the Earth.

Maybe you wont believe me but i swear i am not lying.

Please explain it fast as possible.

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Re: What could it mean?
Post # 2
It might have something to do with the gods and goddesses...
Like that the people will learn about them and learn the truth.
The PRESENT might mean that something will be discovered about the cosmic truth(you know,about the gods,Jehovah,satan,devil,god,the creation of the world,change of eras,apocalypse,new world,new era blah blah blah...)The archaeologists may find something interesting which proves the existence of either the Christian God or the Gods and Goddesses or something like that.
Now the FUTURE...
It may be about the gods, they may come down to earth.OR it might be about the etheric planes that appeared on the Earth's sky.Oh wait wait did you say that it said the gods will fall from the sky to the earth?
Then it might mean something of these:
1)The Gods will reach our plane, and come near us.You know, they may reveal themselves to us.
2)The Gods & ascended masters may come to us via the etheric planes.After all, the sky is where the etheric planes are set.
3)Stars may fall on earth.I know it sounds weird, but think about it:
But, nah, forget it, it's impossible that planets fall on earth!XD

This dream might not been about just you, it might have something prophetic in it.Astral entities might have been showing you signs.
Hope I helped!
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Re: What could it mean?
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
The language was not actually English. It was an elder tongue that people are able to read in their own language. The god Yahweh did the same thing with the apostles in the Book of Acts.
The stone it was written on is called a Story Holder. It is a prophetic stone that pulls information from the universe.
The past was the Great War that occurred causing the Gods to leave us to our own ways.
The present is obvious. In the absence of divinity, we have developed our own rules and laws based on the science of our own mortality.
The future you saw is again correct. The Gods are returning. The war comes again to this world. The war for the souls of man has begun.
I know all of this sounds a bit hokey, but I assure you, you are not the only one to have this dream.
"In the last days, Yahweh said, I will pour out my spirit on all flesh. Your sons and your daughters shall prophesy. Your young men will see visions and your old men will dream dreams." The gifts of the Goddess are being poured out as it has been written.
May you continue to be blessed by the God and Goddess.
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Re: What could it mean?
Post # 4

I find this dream very interesting... since I get similar dreams.

the Present could mean that science turns evil... or towards the truth and away from the anti-god belief.

The Future could have many meanings.... One could be that the Gods come down from heaven and reveal the truth to humanity. Another one could be that the Gods lose there power because of science going evil...

Your dream could have many interpretations... It's just which one you feel is true.

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