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Post # 1
im not new to the site been here for months and im going to just post by bio up here wanna know anything else then mail me about and ill get back to you about it

I am from the Choctaw and Homu tribe from Louisiana but i don't live there any more. In human ages i'm 17 but in what i am a "Dragon" i'm pretty young not done with my adolescent stage yet but i have wrote 12 book with techs. i created in them and one is one the learning for young dragons like myself and at the moment i am teaching 6 different people helping them with there journey and i'm still learning myself plus i'm apart of The High Council in my state its not a coven its a group of highly recognized energy users who have mastered and or contributed to the other world and or has been deemed qualified. I do have other learning sites like my (mother) not literal but my friends as well we teach each other what we know. I can learn fast and i have a very large amount of energy and knowledge of how to use it.

'The basic principle of spiritual life is that our problems become the very place to discover wisdom and love.?

Here's some knowledge if you need it mail me if you want to learn more about dragons and the school if you wish to go to the school of the 5 inner rings but entrance is not for everybody once in you must finish and it may take months to finish the first ring. you can not go to the next until you have proven to the guard dragon that u have mastered what you have learn in the present ring you are in. I'm going to focus on summoning spells, dragon style spells, and The Spells of Fear usage.

i have connected to my previous past life found out a lot and learned even more than what i imagined and it was not easy took a few days and i forgot to say i am a expert in all types of seals and not to brag or anything but i created the 3rd strongest seal in the world if you wanna know its name and what it is used for then msg me about it and if you wanna learn about sealing and all seals

I am here to help all people for any reason that is plausible and i will be on everyday when i can i have meetings to go for my region but i will get to you as fast as possible.....if you would like a teacher and don't wanna join a coven to get one i am here just ask and i will teach.

I have been practicing everything i know since i was 4 when my father introduced me into what he called the truth and my grandfather showed me the way when i was 5 but since then i have been learning on my own from what they taught me and i sought teacher and found many know i am a master of many different aspects if you wanna know ask.

As i said in the upper part of my bio i am apart of the high council in my state if you wanna know what that is i will tell you just msg

Currently working on my 13th book called Nengin Kio

oh yea the name is troy but everyone calls me Avosion for well what i do and what i have done in the past.

if you need me anytime up until spring i will get to you as fast as i can.... at the moment im training non-stop well minus the 4 breaks but mostly non-stop with me new occular powers and some new summoning so msg me and ill get to it when i can

and im going to be alittle busy because the group decided to do work again the name is The 4 Emperors yea we that fye only 4 of us but it seems were need again for the one they call Z

More To come.......

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