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Forums ► General Info ► Alchemy

By: / Beginner
Post # 1
This is a true story of an monk who studied Alchemy and built many pagodas in Bagan. this is why there are so many pagodas and temple in Bagan.
Hundreds of years ago, in Bagun(an acient town in Myanmer know for it's many Buddhism temple), there is a monk who study alchemy and tried to make the philosopher's stone with the money from the country's tax with the permission of the king. He follow the step by step instretion of an old book. But when he reached the last step he filed so the the people from the country were angry because he wasted their tax. So the monk took both of his eyeballs from the sockets to repay their anger. The peoplewere satisfied. After that the monk told his little novice to put the failed stone into the toilet. The novice did as he was told so. After that he noticed that something was glowing in the toilet. He told the monk about it. The monk told the novice to go to the market and buy two eyes of an animal. It was evening and the market was sold out, leaving only an eye of a goat and an eye of a bull. So when the monk put the eyes, one was small and one was big. Since than he was called monk Izza Gorna(Which means monk goat-bull). The next morning he turned every leads in Bagun into gold and built many pagodas. After that he and the little novice went to mount Popa(which is a mountain near Bagun). The monk fed the novice some herbal roots but the novice could not eat it for the root looked liked humen flush and the juice from it looked like blood. When the novice told the monk about it, the monk said that they were not bound to go on the same journey so the novice left.
At the age of 120 monk Izza Gorna disappeared taking the philosopher's stone with him. A few years ago, he reappeared in front of a monk saying who he is. The monk took a photo of him.
The copy of that photo can be bought at a shop near the temple ruin where the monk worked for the philosopher's stone. He still lives to this day somewhere people cannot see him.
I have been there before and I have seen the photo.

Sorry if the spelling is wrong. But I guess I did my best. XD
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Re: Alchemy
Post # 2
The philosopher's stone is a mythical object.And the ability of the stone to transform metal/any object to a gold is just false belief.It's against the laws of physics.
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Re: Alchemy
Post # 3
What about the elixir of life? Liquid chi/mana/mojo?
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Re: Alchemy
Post # 4
(Correction mojo is an object, I meant the energy that makes it work)
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Re: Alchemy
Post # 5
EverLearning stop copying what the others say about the nonsense known as " laws"...

Philosopher stone can be created. I don't care who believe or not, but this is the truth. Open your "eyes" and see the truth...
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Re: Alchemy
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 6
The Philosopher's Stone was never a physical object. That was merely a clever cover for the actual meaning which was a philosophical one.

The philosopher's stone was the central symbol of the mystical terminology of alchemy, symbolizing perfection at its finest, enlightenment, and heavenly bliss. Efforts to discover the philosopher's stone were known as the Magnum Opus, “The Great Work”.

In terms of it's esoteric meaning it would be possible to create the Philosopher's Stone...to reach enlightenment and bliss.

But the physical object, which never existed to begin with, is not possible to create.
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Re: Alchemy
Post # 7
Fire master you just can't accept the word so called "Truth".And I do not copy the other people's comment.Could you just upload a video/any proofs here that shows you could make your mythical stone or a video of you making gold? Huh?
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Re: Alchemy
Post # 8
I am not interested in Alchemy... Yea indeed i seek knowledge for immortality, but i don't want to do it with the stone.
They were lot of scientists like Newton, Albert Einstein and others, which tried to make the stone. Newton has written a book named " The Black Magic". In this book, the secret ingredients for the stone are written. Newton nearly created the stone. But he "died" suddenly.. His corpse never was found. Einstein has created a lot of researches and found Newton's book about the Black Magic.
This is what i know. Go Search for Carlos Cesar Salvador Aranha Castaneda. He was a scientist who learned anthropology. He went to Mexico and learned the arts of " the old mage's " from an Indian named Don Juan. Don Juan learned from his master named Hulian who learned from Elias who learned from Rosendo who learned from Luchian who learned from Santistephan who learned from Sebastian and they are more and more until the first master which called himself " Death Challenger" . This ancient art was based on the " other world " which normal humans can't see.
They say when you open yourself to the other world when you open all the gates, when you pass by the " Eagle " without a scratch, when you see the unseen, when you work with the " companion" ( the " Power" ) everything is possible.
This is not all i know about Carlos Castaneda. He wrote 9 books about the teachings from Don Juan. It is written there clearly everything. What he learned, how he learned it etc.
It's true. Everything is possible when you just believe.

Those 9 books are easy to read, but are very hard to understand. You need to re read them again and again until you understand their meaning and what they want to tell. It's up to you to decide to open your eyes to the " unseen truth" behind the false truth and do the " impossible"

My Master who learns magic from decide's shared with me this information. You can find in internet Carlos's books and download them.

I share with you this important information, this knowledge that those books hold for you to understand what is the truth. I just offer you the knowledge, it's up to you to accept it or to decline it.

Ofc.. they are some things that i didn't tell you about Carlos and about his learning's. Like i wrote it's up to you to find them.

" Nothing is impossible"

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Re: Alchemy
Post # 9
Have two things for ya, One: I had a dream once about a monk with no eyes...it was one of those dreams with LOTS of meaning...:). Two:There was a dude, not sure of his name, but NOT a monk, (he was refrenced in Harry Potter btw), who, after much effort and help from fate *and angels* found out how to make the philosophers stone. The reason I tell this, is that It was said that it gave him (and his wife) a very, very long life, and it is theorized that they are both still alive in India somewhere (were they suposidly moved) and that he gave the stone to his son. Three: I don't get the big obsession with gold....I'm a silver fan myself :)
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Re: Alchemy
By: / Beginner
Post # 10
Oh I forgot to say one more thing. My mother has seen failed philosopher's stones when she was young. They were made by a old man in the neighbor. But he died without success. My mother say it looked like a small marvel made of iron. A distant relative of mine is also an alchemist.
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