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Dream and Recalling

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Dream and Recalling
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Dream and Recalling
Post # 1

I had a dream but can't remember much about it :(

In my dream I only remember that

  • I was talking to a lady about a job and later I went to a shop [I never been to before] andbought two books on witchcarft but can't remember the name of them both books.

I was wondering how to see the dream again and maybe try to remember the name of them booksso that I couldbuy them books in real life, I think I saw the dream for a good reason and believe some thing wants me to buy them books for some reason.

Can someone tell me how to re-dream or recall the same dream?

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Re: Dream and Recalling
Post # 2
You can try this. It will take more than one round to get everything down. But try to get in a meditative state.

Set in like a library, or someplace filled with books or lots of knowledge. Or if you prefer, just anywhere. If you can remember any thing about the books and what they look like or felt like. Remember that, keep that flowing in your head.

Set in whatever place you are, comfortably, where you will not be disturbed.

Think of what you remember of your dream, and look into it slowly looking at every fine detail. This process may take a little while. Now think about your trip to the shop. It's probably very diluted and not there. But try, think of the surroundings you see on the way there, every turn or curve you make. There's two options here.

A.) slowly come out of your meditative state, and write down your directions to the store. Then start over.

B.) continue this dream, to the end.

B. (If you want to know the shop)
Imagine you standing in front of the shop. Don't create one out of memories, let one flow to you. It may still be fuzzy, but stand their, don't blink a lot in your dream. Slowly grasp the handle feeling its texture and take in every detail again. To the sounds the door make, to the physically feeling of the place. As you enter, try to remember the people and items of the shop. This you don't have to go into full detail, but try to spot at least a couple items, that are like dead giveaways to the location.

-remembering the books
For this you need the concentration and meditative state to be at a max.

Think of every detail about the book. The shine it gives off, or the matte look. Feel the book with your hands is it soft cover or hard. Does it have any embroidered or carved symbols. Those may also be a sign for something. Try focusing on the authors name, the font of it, and the color. Now, try moving up when you feel comfortable with the book to the title. Works slowly on this, because you probably need this to be really clear. Try to form the first word or part of the title, to ever letter. Say it firmly in your head, or you may end up saying out loud. When you figure out all of the title, you can continue with the dream to the end. Still try to remember every detail!

Blessed be! Hope this helps!!
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Re: Dream and Recalling
Post # 3

here is a spell i use to remember my dreams.

You will need some lavender and a little bag.

place the lavender in a small bag, dark blue bag would be better.

Hold your hands over the bag and lavender and say:

To sleep per chance to dream i remember

all that is seen.

and when night falls i will awake

and sense of my dreams

i shall make.

Sleep with the bag under your pillow, the lavender should help give you a better sleep aswel as remembering the dreams you have had.

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