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Cadle spell

Forums ► Other Spells Discussion ► Cadle spell
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Cadle spell
Post # 1
It says to charge the candle and coin how do I do this ?
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Re: Cadle spell
By: / Novice
Post # 2
There are many ways to charge an object but ultimately it boils down to visualizing energy flowing into the object in your preferred method. With a candle I tend to use an oil and visualize a white mist swirling into it as I rub the oil in, however the type of oil and the direction you rub change depending on the type of the spell you're doing. To charge an object I typically do a separate enchanting ritual for it which there are many of but it may also be done in a manor similar to the candle.
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Re: Candle spell
Post # 3
Casting Instructions for 'Prosperity Bath Spell, Money Ritual Spell'
You will need the following items for this spell:

1 green candle
3 silver coins

This prosperity/money bath spell today is different - this is a nice solid traditional spell where all the components work together as they should to create a portal that will manifest the intention, in this case a specific sum of money.

Casting Instructions for 'Prosperity Bath Spell, Money Ritual Spell'
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Take the green candle and inscribe the amount of money you need on the candle.

Don't be greedy and be reasonable.

Now charge your candle and three different silver coins on your altar.

While they are charging, run yourself a bath. Once run, place within the water your three silver coins and a pinch of salt.

Place the green candle at the foot of your bath.

Now light the green candle and turn off the other lights in your bathroom.

Lay back in the water and focus on the flame of the candle and visualise you recieving this money.


"The green Dragon flies over the sea

bringing wealth and prosperity to me"

NOTE: Do not wash, just soak in the water. Once the candle has burned down a quarter of the way get out the bath and dry yourself. Take the candle and your coins to your altar. Allow the candle to burn down.

It is this spell I'm talking about. Do I just light the candle for charge and how would I charge the coin and what type of coin do I use?
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Re: Cadle spell
Post # 4

To charge is to infuse something with energy usually for a specific purpose.

I believe you've got various methods and techniques to do so. While it's all about manipulating your energy and directing it to the item (quarts in your case) specifically, you can also chant something in order to build up more energy which will charge the item in addition to the rest of the grounded energy you've used to charge the item by simple energy manipulation and direction.

There are some ways and various methods to bless ourselves and make different charged items either generally and either for a specific purpose, as I said, which can be represented by any chant that shows what your desire is. You can just simply charge it with positive energies and bless it by different methods you may find. There are simple methods of charming items and charging them with positive energy, by doing that you "bless" the item, and add your own energy so it's matched to your purposeand your own energies. I also highly recommend being positive while you're around the rose quarts in order to keep it cleansed with positive energies. I'd recommend you to look for methods of charging items with positive energy, so you'd be able to officially charge the necklace with your positive energies for protection.

It mostly requires energy manipulation, visualation of floating energy and directed into the item, use of grounded energy, etc. sometimes you also charge such items by simply being positive around them and also by giving them a pecial meaning and obtaining a positive idea about them associated with your intent / purpose, while you don't always know that you've done so.

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